Budgeting for prom!

when thinking about your budget for prom here are the break down of items we hope to recognize and ideas we have for you.

Prom Group
The cost with a is usually less for prom goers if they’re able to split the cost of larger buses. Keep in mind how many individuals are with you and also think about the logistical items getting together. $15-$25.00.

Dinner Night
This definitely is more enjoyable with a group. Pending on the dinner choices and what you’re thinking as a group for prom make sure it’s enjoyable for all. $15-$25.00

Cost of a dress
When shopping for a dress don’t think about needing a new dress right away. Plenty of dresses have only been worn once and worn for 6 hours. Purchasing a dress should be a great experience without the pressure. When looking for a dress simple rule of thumbs are;

The top fits well, if you were to have alterations on your prom dress don’t purchase a dress with a lot of beadwork.

Regarding the length of the dress – most prom days for high schoolers are right outside of winter. If your prom dress needs hemming make sure you don’t get super flare or more than a couple layered dress. $75 – $250.00.

Make it cute! Necklaces, earnings, shoes, corsages, the ticket all these items are part of the prom experience but look to see if you have ones you can borrow from family to help keep cost low. $20-$100.00

The cost of your day depends on what you do, make sure you enjoy the day and keep these items in mind.