First off, we appreciate you so much. And to better assist you please take a moment to review our website and faq page.

As a small family business, how small? Only 3 family members.

We do our best to support everyone and in order to best support, you please read through everything first unless this were a rush item or you may need a call back on.

Please excuse the brevity, many of your questions are found here, please review first before calling. We understand your situation is unique, we’ve seen a lot in 31 years. Please book an appointment. Please avoid calling unless it’s a rush to squeeze you in, mention it’s a rush. Please keep it short, item [Uniform] – Date needed – need [ranks]. Again, these calls are unnecessary please just book an appointment unless rush.

To avoid email tagging as well please book an appointment here.

So, if you’re wondering;

  • I have a unique situation is this something you perform: Read here.
  • Have you worked on XYZ before: Read here.
  • What’s your turnaround: Read here.
  • If you choose to call for an appointment we welcome this, please be ready to answer the questions for an appointment: appointment here.
  • If we call you or email back without an appointment you booked too early. If we mention reviewing the FAQ page here, please read it. If a guest asks the same question 3 different ways, the answer will be the same.
  • If a guest acknowledged that they have read the FAQ page – please read it.
  • If a guest asks if we are sure, yes, have been since 1991.

Again, to best serve you especially while we’re in a fitting or sewing unless you need a call please fill out the appointment.

  • Please do not call if you’re outside in the parking lot. We only see you at the door. So please come to the door.
  • Do not call if you’re early. Come on time and not early, not late.
  • Our doors are locked, but we do see you, please do not pound on the window.
  • We do our best to answer the phone, but we’re in fittings as well. So even if you emailed and said to call back IF you can’t find something here we’re happy for that. Just want to make sure we can best support you!

Please when sending emails do NOT send an email with;

  • I need an appointment for [xyz] by [xyz].

We’re here to help just hoping to communicate quicker please review appointment here.

We appreciate your support, thank you!!!


Making appointments should not be hard! At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we want to make it as simple as possible. Please do not walk-in without an appointment, for repairs calling during this time to avoid overlap, here’s our COVID preparedness plan. 

For those who haven’t been here before here’s our quick hello!!!! 

We’ve been here for 31 years as of Halloween, same location, small family business & Minnesota’s oldest tailors. Just mom, and I. We perform around 6-10 jacket zippers a day, 1,000 hems a month, 4-6 suits a day, 22+ dresses (prom/wedding/bridesmaid) a day, and we work closely with our military members with 3-5 combat uniforms a day so a lot of cool things we are able to do! Just communicate with us your questions. We’d love to hear from you!!

We do our best to respond as soon as possible. Due to quick appointment times please respond as soon as you hear back and you will receive a final confirmation.

***When confirming times are based on Central Standard Time (CST) zone. Please make sure your email settings are set to CST or the appointment time will vary on your end. We will also add it to the calendar invite.

Final notes: 

  • All dresses please bring any undergarments that you plan to wear with the dress the day of the wedding even if you are looking to have bust cups placed in.
  • All dresses please also bring any shoes/ heels/ flats. This does NOT have to be the shoe for the wedding but it does have to be 100% the right height.
  • Suits: Please bring in shoes and a dress shirt for your fitting if necessary.
  • Read through the Frequently Asked Question page prior to coming in!

Type for appointments*

  • Wedding Dress Alterations
  • Prom Dress Alterations
  • Bridesmaid Dress Alterations
  • Military Uniforms needing more than just a hem or take in.
  • Custom Projects – T-shirt blankets, Quilts, Suits, Etc.
  • More than 3 full suits
  • Anything that may be a 30+ minute block



A client has once asked us, what don’t we provide. We also believe it would be an easier list to start with moving backwards since we provide a lot of services. Some times to something unique we have never done before. Our expert seamstress in Minnesota can do our best to help you with your next project.

Here is a small list of items we cannot do: 

-Really really really thick leathers, boxed suit cases, undergarments, dyeing, embroidery, and most shoes. So far that’s all that came to mind. But please always ask there are new requests every week on neat items we can help tailor.

We have had the pleasure recently to perform some unique projects for our clients: 

  • Custom pillows: Client brought in 10 old sweaters with different festive holidays and wanted the our seamstress to create custom pillows with matching zipper colors for each of her grandchildren.
  • Custom zipper: Client’s husband is on dialysis weekly, instead of removing his sweater at each visit due to the cold environment we help add a zipper in the right arm of his favorite sweater.
  • Custom zipper and supporting sides: Client had a new Coach purse she really liked, over time the top would fold over and create an unwanted crease to her purse. Cheung’s Tailor help add support plastic to the side panels and also a new zipper for her wrist wallet.
  • Cosplay Costumes: Every year we have had really unique Halloween costume alterations and custom cosplay costume alterations. Our latest was a Peter Pan and a Star Wars costume that would have been too hot to wear since it was all leather. Our client purchased regular workout sweats and we were able to harvest the original suit in various pieces to sew onto the sweats.

There is a lot our seamstress can do, just ask. Please check out our services page for further services.

***Stories above do reflex real work performed recently.


1- week for most garments.
We appreciate 2- weeks for dresses.

COVID-19 Timeline: Same policies since 1991 – Nothing changed, only sooner 🙂

It depends. We help our clients ask a lot of questions. It’s our belief that it would help demystify your experience with a good seamstress.

At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround. We understand you brought in an article of clothing or fabric hoping to have it sooner than later. Even those prepared may need last-minute tailoring.  If you haven’t already please read our expedited services check it out. Many seamstresses may hold your garment for either hours or week/s. It would depend on the type of services you seek from our seamstress.

Our general service is one week to nine days and we wish to have dresses for at least two weeks. Does that mean you can’t get it back tonight or tomorrow? Absolutely not. We provide expedited tailoring by our seamstresses daily. If you need it tomorrow we will do our best, if you need it this weekend we will do our best our quality and integrity in our work will be at its best.

Please note if your event date is well in advance we ask that you please wait out of courtesy for others. If you do choose to drop it off prior, note that pick-up times will vary to support current clients for events prior. If you choose to book your appointment earlier, and well completed prior to the event this is your choice. Cut is cut, nothing can be changed.

Accommodating the services we provide a general time frame from our expert seamstress. During different seasons we perform different work. Generally, during the winter times, we perform lots of zippers a day from jackets, coats, and pants. Summertimes a lot of summer garments and accessories. Whereas, during most months year-round our seamstress performs a majority of dress tailoring. We will also do our best to get your next alterations performed when you need them. Especially for a special day such as your wedding, prom, or bridal party.

***Some items for larger zippers or materials out of our control such as needing to order materials for unique or custom garments may take longer than usual. Pick-up time will be clarified during your visit. We do our best to accommodate every client and their schedule.





We haven’t seen your garment. Because you would either be happy or unhappy when you come in. Expert seamstresses should never provide prices over the phone. This would be like diagnosing your car trouble without ever seeing or test driving it and giving you a price. Or providing an insurance quote on a home without knowing anything about your home. Would you be comfortable with that?

Consultations since 1991 have always been free.At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations our seamstresses & tailors offer free consultations for all your tailoring and alteration needs. We provide you with good ideas and pricing before you try it on. Just ask, we’re friendly :).

To provide clients with pricing without ever seeing the garment would be irresponsible. So if you called or email us we can provide you with a ballpark price. A value for the work AND UP. This ensures that if you come in you would have a baseline of what it could cost at least. It is never a definitive quote without seeing your needs for alterations. Please read here  or below about our pricing on dresses to help understand why pricing cannot be given over the phone.

Example: If you needed a dress alteration from our seamstress and it’s a hem we say $28.00 and up. Where a one layered maxi dress plane bottom no beading, no zippers, no vents may cost. If you then brought in a wedding gown with 3 layers, beading, rhinestones, and lots of designs, it would the and up portion of our pricing.

Our expert seamstresses take plenty of care in all garment alterations we perform. From simple re-hem of a cuff to intricate wedding gown alterations. Each dress and wedding gown receives between 50+ to over 200+ pins to ensure the right length when you go to your next party.

***Above prices are all made up and do not reflect our actual pricing please visit for a free consultation to determine the pricing of your next garment.  This does not reflect a price quote.



Wedding gown – One.
Pant Hem – One.
Custom Suit – One.
Bridesmaid Dress – One.
Repairs – One.
Prom Dress – One.
3 bridesmaid dresses – One. 🙂

How? 30 years of experience in the same location. There are outliers for some resized items but from our custom gowns to a button nothing is ever cut until it’s right to start. Since 1991 we’ve continually followed our proven process to alterations.

If you have excessive fittings = excessive problems. We’ve heard it all from the brides, groom, and clients of other experiences. “I had several fittings,” nope not here. One.

We’ve been doing this for thousands of garments annually – pants, suits, bridesmaid and wedding gowns. One fitting.

A majority of our clients and ourselves entrust their garments with us for their special day, since 1991. We wouldn’t be here for 3 decades if we didn’t take care of our clients.

So next time you get fitted and you’re booking 3,4,5 appointments ask;

–> Why
–> Who’s doing the work etc [A lot of places contract out.] One person books an appointment, another fits you and a third performs alterations on your garment. See the disconnect?

At Cheung’s Tailor – you know everyone. Just Mom, Dad, and Son.


This is a matter of personal perspective. We are all different, varying in shapes and sizes. Lets look at a few situations. We understand your purchase of the garment cost a certain value, but please never assume those cost of alterations should cost less. Manufactured made products are generally uniform and produced in a large tailoring factory, where as tailoring to have perfect size requires individualized attention.

Anything from a button, a hem, to custom wear can vary in pricing and here is why. We are all a little different in size and clothing is always changing in styles from beaded, pleated, something simple, and something intricate. There is not a one price fits all and no expert seamstress should ever tell you so.

**The following are all situations we have seen but the true value of the cost and bill are a reflection of perspective and not the true cost of our alteration prices. This page is not meant to quote pricing. 

Here’s an example, let us being with both dresses being the same price at $500.00

Let us think of a dress. A one piece layered dress with the bottom fabric being 26+ inches wide. It’s a lace dress for an evening event i’ll only wear it once. No ruffles, beading, lacing, sequence, zippers, vents, buttons. Just a plane bottom dress. Let’s hypothetically say to hem this dress may cost the client $30.00

Let us think of another dress. A wedding dress. This is 3 layered ball gown v-neck with beading appliques, rhinestones, 3 bustles, long train, and 80+ wide. Let’s hypothetically say to hem this dress may cost the client $300.00

Prices do vary on many garments. No seamstress should ever tell you an exact price over the phone or provide you with a price without seeing the garment or dress. As you may now understand the price of the dresses were irrelevant it’s the difficulty and time our expert seamstress take to pin and tailor to make you look and feel great in what you wear. 

The following are just some more examples if you understand the last idea please skip.

  •  As one who believes they are vertically challenged at 5 feet 2 inches most new pants purchased are a 30x waist and 30 inseam. I want to look and feel good in what I wear so I always need a hem for my pants. I purchased these jeans from True Religion well worth over $200.00. Price matters, but so does the quality. I want an expert seamstress to add an European hem to retain the stitching. Client Bill – $30.00
  • I purchased a cute Minnesota Twins baseball shirt for my baby at a thrift store it cost $2.00. I need it all re-sized to fit her, the arm holes, the length, the sides and also would like to add button snaps to the back so it’s easier for me to help her wear it. Client Bill – $65.00
  • My expensive Hugo Boss dress pants worth $165.00 had the hem come undone while at work due to the velcro becoming caught on the stitching. Restitching the one leg hem. Client Bill – $8.00
  • I’d like a custom shirt made from scratch I’ll purchase my own fabric materials and buttons. I’d also like the dress shirt to have a square pocket, initial monograms on the cuffs, different colored cuffs, a slim back, contrast stitching, cornered collar, and eight buttons. Client Bill – $265



Most clients who need something fitted try on their clothing.

We always suggest to bring the relevant items of articles and accessories you plan to wears when you do wear you garment. Here are some ideas:

  • For suit jackets needing tailoring please wear a shirt that you are most likely to wear with it.
  • Dress alterations please wear the flats or heels that you would the night of the event.
  • For custom alterations please bring in the accessories such as rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, ribbons etc. that you plan to have tailored to the piece of clothing. We may also help provide you with examples.
  • Undergarments you plan on wearing generally with dresses. We do offer bust cups as well to be sewn in.
  • Money. Cheung’s Tailor Alterations requires 100% prepaid on all tailoring. Please read here.

For items not needing fitting usually include: 

  • New Zipper Replacements
  • Re-hemming
  • New Jean snaps
  • New Buttons
  • Accessories such as Drapes and Curtains.

***For custom alterations we always suggest to customers to please provide materials to personal liking. Cheung’s Tailor Alterations can help with consulting on ideas.


Absolutely! At Cheung’s Tailor alterations we are accommodating! If we’re here we will do our best to help with your alteration needs. A rush fee will be added to your final total – rush is also a cash only service. Our normal service is one week – some clothing alterations may require more time. Such as dress alterations and busier seasons, but no worries these items may also be expedited by our expert seamstresses in Minnesota.

Our rush service offerings are as follows: 

1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, & 1 day up to 6 days. Rush alterations or expedited tailor is popular and many times our clients need it for various reasons.

So if you’re running into the following situations, many we have witnessed we can help you every day before one week!

Same day: 

  • 1 HOUR – I’m a hockey referee, but I forgot to change out my yearly patch for tonight’s game. We provide expedited patch tailoring in Blaine, MN. I need it now in one please. [Note: Humans can move fast, machines can move fast. At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations fast does not mean we lack quality in our services. That being said, tailoring takes time and generally clients who receive same day rush alterations we see: Pant hems, dress alterations, patches, buttons, restitching, etc. But it still takes time]
  • 2 HOURS – New interview this afternoon, but I am drowning in my button down shirt. We provide expedited custom shirt tailoring. First impressions matter. At Cheung’s Tailor we service tailoring all over Minnesota. So if your interview is today we are able: Take in your shirt, shorten those sleeves, add new buttons, remove buttons, remake your tie, restitch a seam.
  • 4 HOURS- My son’s play is evening, last night he tore open a seam. At Cheung’s Tailor Alteration we do unique alterations in Minnesota. From quilts to custom pajamas. So if you have something unique for a play and the seam on that costume could use some stitching. We are your MN Seamstress.
  • 1 DAY – Tomorrow I have a date and my jeans could use some hemming. Jean hemming is our thing – so is everything else. We hope to be your local tailors around town and get those jeans shorten in no time. Well, in a day!
  • 2 DAYS – I don’t know why my dog tore open my child’s backpack and ripped the zipper. Well don’t worry we speak zipper and a lot of other alterations in Minnesota. Lot of zippers can be repaired, we believe in education as well so every year we provide donations to various non-profits in Minnesota. So let’s get some zipper replacements on those backs by our tailors and get those kids zipping happily.
  • 3 DAYS- Our children have their scout meetings this Wednesday and the new patches just came in, what should we do? Have no fear, Cheung’s Tailor is here. We have worked closely with all branches of the United States Armed Forces as well as, Boy’s Scouts & Girl’s Scouts Patches, VFW’s, Community Service Officers, Police Departments, Corporate businesses. We do a lot of patches, anything from small ones to large leather jacket patches. Get your tailoring done fast with our rush services. 
  • 4 DAYS – I have a wedding gown that I ordered online and it just doesn’t fit, over 3 sizes too big! [ Rush alterations on this happen often, so don’t worry] My wedding is in 4 day’s can you do it? Let us first start by saying congratulations! And yes we can do our best. Wedding is a very important day in most of our lives if not the most important. Our expert seamstress in Minnesota has performed thousands of dress alterations and we help consult on breaking down what is the most import needs. Wedding gown bustles, Wedding dress bust cups, Wedding Dress Hemming, Wedding Gown reconstruction, Bridal Alterations, Custom Bridesmaid Alterations, Prom Dress Alterations. 
  • 5 DAYS – I was ice fishing and burned a hole into my new snow suit because of my gas buddy. Is this repairable before we head up north this weekend? Minnesota is known for our cold winters and before you know it when we need it most it’s either not found or broken. Bring in your winter gear to have it repaired. Anything from jacket zipper replacements, snow suit patching, rain gear, dry suit repairs, down garment repairs, back packing tailoring, motorcycle suit repairs.
  •  6 DAYS – My in laws are coming over for the holidays and my new curtains are way too long. I must have it that evening. Curtains, drapery, custom pillows, custom curtains etc. we can make sure the in laws won’t trip over them. Give us a call today. We’ll get your home accessories matching.
  • 7 DAYS – I’m in no hurry, take your time I understand you’re busy. Take 10 day’s I’ll actually be out of Minnesota til the following week and I won’t be needing my clothing anytime soon. 

Whether it’s one hour up to 6 days, Cheung’s Tailor Alterations have been known to make sure we got you covered. Life happens. If its a patch tonight, hunting pants in two days, or meeting the in laws we’ll make you fashionable.

No questions too big and no work too small. Stop on by consultations are always free.


We gladly take checks or cash only. No cards [no debit, credit, prepaid]

At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we require 100% deposit for all tailoring and alterations before any work may be performed.

We require cash only on all rush orders. 

We hope new and old clients understand. We trust you, we really like you. But it’s unfortunate that some times when clients do prepay and not prepay for their tailoring or alterations they may not come come back. It’s weird, we know. Who would leave their new clothing paid and not come back? Their garments may be old or even new with the manufacturer price tag still attached!

So again, we like everyone. Over time we make a huge effort to contact these clients who have paid or have unpaid alterations with us. Some have been here for over 5 years!



Our hours are as follows:

Monday:          10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Tuesday:          10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Wednesday :  10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Thursday:        10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Friday:              10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday:         10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Sunday: Closed

We are open quite late and generally in this line of business work is being done throughout the day and after hours. So if you are a group looking to have a bridal and bridesmaids all get altered let us know and we are able to help you book an appointment. We try our best to be very flexible with our clients


Ever purchase a new pair of shoes and know exactly what shoe size you are? 9, 10, 12 & 1/2. Well same thing goes for clothing when shopping for yourself, a friend, or significant other it’s best to know your measurements before purchasing a piece of garment. Yes, we are trying to help you save money!

So next time you purchase a suit jacket or those fancy pair of jeans think about your measurements and where they sit on your body to avoid excessive alterations. At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we provide custom measurements for your next custom tailored suits, dress, wedding gowns, shirts, pants anything you can think of we will do our best to.

When taking a measurement please wear light clothing that does not add too much bulk to your body. Remove unnecessary items from your pockets. This will help our team members better measure you. Take a moment breath and relax feel comfortable as you normally would. Avoid stiffening up and just a normal posture. Here are some measurements we are able to help with:

Upper Body:

  • Biceps and Armholes – Generally for Jackets and Shirts
  • Neck and Neck Base – Generally for Jackets and Shirts
  • Chest and Stomach – Generally for Jackets and Shirts
  • Sleeve Length – Generally for Jackets and Shirts

Lower Body:

  • Waist – Generally for Pants
  • Hips – Generally for Jackets, Shirts and Pants
  • Thighs – Generally for Pants

Other measurements:

  • Bust Circumference
  • Full Bust
  • Distance on your neck points
  • Waist Circumference
  • Hip Circumference
  • Shoulder length
  • Upper arm circumference
  • Sleeve Length
  • Stride / Rise

These measurements may be used for blouses, dresses, lined and unlined jackets, coats,

Posture and build: Achieving a good fit is not just about your garment’s measurements. It’s about the proportions. Each body type is different and your posture may change over time. Weather you like a style to be shorter, longer, or in the middle is the matter of preference and alterations but things do change such as height and weight.

The above is just a small example of different types of measurements Cheung’s Tailor Alterations performs. For specific alterations you may bring in your own sheet for measurements. Pricing does vary per client specifications. But you may already know by now, consultations are free!


We gladly take checks or cash only. No cards [no debit, credit, prepaid]

At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we require 100% deposit for all tailoring and alterations before any work may be performed.

We require cash only on all rush orders. Checks take time to process through the banks. 


At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we believe that small and large businesses can do their part no matter how small and how large. So as a local small business over time we have continually to work with our community and see how we are able to help.


It began over 8 years ago since our client first brought in a bag of hangers and asked if we recycled. We were shocked and took in those hangers. Generally they’re perfect some a little bent, but we give them a quick wipe and we’ve recycled some metal, wood, or plastic. So at Cheung’s Tailor we gladly accept the following types of hangers.

  • Wire Hangers
  • Plastic Hangers
  • Wooden Hangers
  • Basic Metal Hangers
  • Shirt Hangers
  • Bamboo Hangers
  • Padded Hangers
  • ETC.

It’s fairly simple just let us know you’d like to recycle your hangers and drop it off.


We are a small business we also practice social responsibility by donating to national and local charities. Whether it involves giving money or time. Over our past several years with the help of our local community we have been able to donate over $1,500.00 combined to the following organizations:

Our philanthropy is generally held during the holiday season between December and January. To continue and help these great organization please click the links above or email us at [email protected] and we can direct you to the right individuals.