When shopping for a prom dress we recommend the following items first;

1. Set a budget,
2. List of local locations you’d like to visit,
3. List of online websites you’d like to order from.

Setting a budget is critical in selecting the right dress and how you go about shopping. The day of the prom should be fun and not a financial stressor. Set a budget for what you would want on your dress and it’s accessories that complement it.
Including the dress, jewelry, shoes, hair, nail, makeup to name a few items. This number can vary a lot but what’ve seen typically has been between $80 to $400 for the day.

Part of your prom budget will also help determine other aspects of where you may shop for your dress. For example, if you have a sub-$100.00 call and check out some local retail stores to see if they have prom dresses you envisioned. An example of this may be an a-line dress, mesh sleeves with some rhinestones/ beadwork.

Other channels for prom dresses we would also recommend if you’re hoping to keep your prom economical are online and consignment dress shopping. This would be both local or online. The following is a list of sources we’ve seen very often in our local tailor shop. Consignment dresses have been worn for between 5-6 hours the night of prom.

• Poshmark
• JJ House Prom Dresses
• Facebook Marketplace

Even ask friends from proms of years past and there might be something you enjoy! Have fun, be safe and we hope this helps you in your shopping for prom dresses!