As the largest branch of the United States Armed Forces with land operations we certainly see that a majority of our clients are from the United States Army. Here are some common uniforms we encounter:

  • AGSU’s (Army Green Service Uniform)
  • BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform Tailor)
  • ACU’s (Army Combat Uniform Tailor)
  • UCP’s (Universal Camouflauge Pattern Tailor)
  • OCP’S (Operational Camouflage Patter Tailor)
  • Berets / BDU Caps
  • Nylon BDU belt Tailor
  • Multicam Army Jacket Combat Uniform Shirt/ Jacket
  • Multicam Army Combat Uniform Pants
  • Multicam BDU pants
  • GI ACU Digital Jackets/ Pants
  • Camouflage Shirts Tailor
  • Camouflage Pants Tailor
  • Marpat Issue Digital Jacket Tailor
  • Military Spec BDU Jacket Woodland Camouflage (Polyester / Cotton)
  • Tactical Jackets
  • Infantry Utility Shorts/ Jackets

Most Common Alterations we perform:

  • Sleeve shortening
  • Take in the waist
  • Shorten the sleeves
  • Replace buttons
  • Military Patches and ranks
  • Military Velcros
  • New Buckles
  • Military Hemming on Pants and Shorts

*This is only a small list of what we are able to do, please let us know if you think of something else.




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