Please avoid calling, we will reply asap. The form is below. Please do NOT walk in. Appointments Only, please be respectful of this as we’re fitting others. 

Making appointments should not be hard! At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we want to make it as simple as possible. Please do not walk in without an appointment, for repairs calling during this time to avoid overlap, here’s our COVID preparedness plan. If you do call please do not go into a lot of detail. Still need to see the garments.

We ask kindly, please do not call. Just book below and be patient. We got you covered. We’re usually in a fitting.

For those who haven’t been here before here’s our quick hello!!!! 

We’ve been here for 32 years as of Halloween, same location, small family business & Minnesota’s oldest tailors. Just mom, and I. We perform around 6-10 jacket zippers a day, 1,000 hems a month, 4-6 suits a day, 22+ dresses (prom/wedding/bridesmaid) a day, and we work closely with our military members with 3-5 combat uniforms a day so a lot of cool things we are able to do! Just communicate with us your questions. We’d love to hear from you!!

We do our best to respond as soon as possible. Due to quick appointment times please respond as soon as you hear back and you will receive the final confirmation, and accept the Gmail invite.

Emails are sent at 12 PM and 7 PM around then daily. Be patient.

Please avoid calling, we will reply ASAP. Unless this is a rush. Do not come early, just on time.  Appointments Only, please be respectful of this as we’re fitting others.

SPAM Folder: If you do not receive an email in 12 to 36 hours please check your SPAM folders. More common with,,,,, emails. 

***When confirming times are based on the Central Standard Time (CST) zone. Please make sure your email settings are set to CST or the appointment time will vary on your end. We will also add it to the calendar invite. Due to heavier seasons if you have a hard stop or start time please list your times and mention. There will be times we have to adjust times you list by 30 minutes to fit you in. ie. 10 -12pm availability, we may send out a 930 AM fitting.

Final notes: Please do NOT call, or it needs to be brief. 

  • For all dresses please bring any undergarments that you plan to wear with the dress on the day of the wedding even if you are looking to have bust cups placed in.
  • For all dresses please also bring any shoes/ heels/ flats. This does NOT have to be the shoe for the wedding but it does have to be 100% the right height and comfortable for the entire event.
  • Suits: Please bring in shoes and a dress shirt for your fitting if necessary.
  • Read through the Frequently Asked Question page prior to coming in!
  • Military – We do not make or embroider nameplates. Please do not go to unreliable sources online.
  • If Open Availability is placed in the box, please mean it. Let’s all avoid email tagging please.
  • Our hours are not constrained. You’re welcome to put in before and after-hour times. We do our best to accommodate.

Appointment Items:

  • Please do NOT call and follow up if I’ve received your form. It’s a live external system. Forms come in, I manually send out times.
  • I do my best to get appointment emails out in 24 hours. Please be patient. If it’s been 48 hours then I apologize and possibly missed it unless it’s on a Friday through Sunday night. We get to emails again first thing on Monday Morning.
  • IF it is a RUSH under 7 days when you call please mention and I’ll give you a time and still fill out the form after.
  • Please respect others and events. Do not book for more than 3 weeks out, you can still fill out the form.
  • Accept the Google calendar invite, if not it will get booked over by someone else.
  • If you call and ask about a timeline, and we say yes, we mean it. Don’t need to repeat the question.
  • Bring your own socks. Leave unnecessary things at home or in the car.
  • Do not book appointments on someone’s behalf, or just ensure everyone reads the email.
  • Please do not email us with times you’re available, they may go to spam. To ensure nothing is missed, email above. We scroll through all appointments throughout the day for rushes/ faster timelines and will get to you asap.

Type for appointments*

  • Wedding Dress Alterations – leave rings at home, we don’t want you accidentally snagging your dress. Have a hair tie in and up in a bun.
  • Prom Dress Alterations – leave rings at home, we don’t want you accidentally snagging your dress. Local prom dates. Have a hair tie in and up in a bun.
  • Bridesmaid Dress Alterations – leave rings at home, we don’t want you accidentally snagging your dress. Have a hair tie in and up in a bun.
  • Military Uniforms need more than just a hem or rank changes.
  • Custom Projects – T-shirt blankets, Quilts, Suits, Etc.
  • More than 3 full suits
  • Anything that may be a 30+ minute block

Military Notes::

  • Ranks – if you cannot get it at the exchange or online and it’s rush only, we have a healthy stock up to E9S. Please email
  • Do not bring your entire garment bag in. Leave in the car and just bring in what you need on time.
  • The military is for the service member only, not a drop-off service by anyone else but the service member. These need to be reviewed based on the appropriate dress and wear regulations based on the branch.
  • Boxes – Marlow Boxes, only bring what you need and ready to go. Shirts out the bags, rank, braids, pants, jacket, unit patches etc. All else can stay in the car.
  • You must come in for a fitting. Don’t say I just need this changed. Everything is dress and wear regulation based.




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