Ever been part of a team or organization? Well for many youth you’ve probably heard of or been through Boy Scouts of America

[BSA]. Whether you are a youth, parent, volunteer, or alumni you may have been connected somehow or know a youth that has gone through the nation’s largest and value based development organizations.

Cheung’s Tailor has specialized in scout uniforms and alterations for over 25 years. From various apparels, uniforms, insignias, to camping gear, crafts, and accessory alterations. The purpose of this page is to bring more awareness to what is possible with your garments from professional dress uniforms, patches, and your sleeping bag. Here are some ideas:

Scout Blazer Alterations:

  • Take in the sides
  • Replace a button
  • Replace the lining
  • Shorten up the sleeves

Scout Pants:

  • Shorten and hem the bottom
  • Add in darts
  • Replace a belt loop
  • Replace the zipper
  • Taper the pant legs

Uniform Pants:

  • Replace the elastic.
  • Shorten the hem
  • Add in zippers
  • Replace pocket liners

Boy Scout’s Uniform:

  • Add in patches
  • Replace buttons
  • Take in the shirts
  • Replace patches

Below are a lot of accessories/ camping gear we help with alterations:

  • Sleeping Bag – Replace Zippers, Lining, and cushions
  • Torn Hammocks
  • Torn Camp Pillows

Wondering what else we can do for you? Well contact Cheung’s Tailor Alterations @ [email protected] today.

*This is only a small list of what we are able to do, please let us know if you think of something else.




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