Cheung's Tailor - Prom Dress Alterations

Prom has an assortment of costs associated. While the bulk of the pricing varies on the dress, location, and prom-posals we want to look and highlight just some of the areas of spending and how you can be a savvy shopper! Check out just some of the latest prom dresses we received this weekend.

Prom Tickets:

Between $30 to around $200 depending on the location of the dance the cost varies based on where it’s held. From fancier ballrooms or hotels it may even be in your school gymnasium. Some prom dance may include your meal, dance, and beverage. So before you head out to a big dinner check first.


Going out for dinner varies. It could range from $15 to over $100 per person. Dine in or dine out. Enjoying something nice doesn’t require a lot of money. Make a reservation as there are probably other prom’s happening around the same time. May be find a deal online. Don’t hold back and enjoy this one night!

Prom Dress:

You can budget any where you wish to on this list. But the prom dress could be the bulk of the cost. It could range anywhere from $30 to north of $700 this depends on your budget and style. You may find the option of a consignment with a style you love or a new dress with a style you love. See doesn’t matter where you go as long as you love the dress!

Prom Dress Alterations:

Don’t forget if you are budgeting for a prom dress that you remember there will be some alterations and tailoring involved. We are unique and so are alterations. Cost varies from the style, what’s needed, and fabric of the dress. Tailoring costs may be around $35 to $400. It could be a simple bustle or straps or an entire dress overhaul with dress hemming, take in the top, add in bust cups, take up the straps. Check out our last blog about choosing a tailor and our portfolio =).


Prom is not complete without some nice flowers. So before he picks one out check out your local florist or they may be something even online. Flowers could cost between $10 – $30 depending on the style type and shipping if necessary.

Limousine Rental:

Small groups may need their own car. Medium sized groups may want a limo. Got a team going together? Get a bus. But it’s a nice option during this time. There’s usually a place to get picked up and dropped off it take a lot of coordinating. But by splitting the cost most limo services are between $200 – $500.

Suit Rental:

Heading out to your local mall or retailers online you’ll be able to customize your look complete with shirts and color. Don’t forget to match your date’s dress. Expect prices to range from $150 to around $400 depending on the accessories and colors you pick. A better option may be to buy one and have it tailored. This way you’ll have a suit for another event!


This is a larger range. From jewelry to earrings or a watch. If you are looking to bedazzle yourself this night make sure you have a budget. But it could be something simple and inexpensive. If you’re looking for jewelry you may find something already at home or borrowed from mom or dad. Price range for this is $5 (to rent from the rents) – $300.

Make-up / Hair / Nails:

Some local nail salons or salons have group rates.  Get your hair and nails done all in one! The cost does vary on this like everything else. Find a good stylist check around for group rates. The cost could range between $30 to upwards of $250.

Prom cost from 2013 at around $1,100.00 average has decreased over time to around just over $900.00 in 2015. Be savvy, look amazing and enjoy the night!