Congratulations to saying yes to the dress and for your soon to be new born! Cheung’s Tailor is happy to be a part of the wedding alteration process. If you’re stressing out before your Spring and/or Summer wedding don’t worry we’re here to help put you and to make it a stress free environment. So if you had recently read our past 5 blog posts about the bridesmaid dress process we are here to help you with the things to know about your wedding dress alterations.

As a wedding alteration specialist in Minnesota for over 25 year Cheung’s Tailor brings together style and quality craftsmanship to each and every wedding dress we perform. In today’s blog post we’ll look at maternity wedding dress alterations for:

  • Pregnant bride to be who have not purchased their wedding gown yet.
  • Pregnant bride to be who have their wedding dress but need it enlarge.
  • Timeline for your maternity wedding dress alterations.

I have not purchased my Wedding dress yet……

For the bride-to-be who hasn’t purchased a dress yet, there is a lot to think about before your wedding and they type of dress you plan to purchase. Some common questions include:

  • Have you been pregnant before? This will help the wedding dress shop to help you think about the right size wedding dress.
  • When are you due? For those due sooner than later a bridal consultant would be able to help you find something more fitting to your size now. For those due several month from their purchase date the bridal dress consultant would help you think of something down the line.

While purchasing a dress think of all the suggestion that are made. We personally believe that an empire waist wedding gown, is a better fit and style for those pregnant bride-to-be. With an empire waist wedding gown you’re able to find a style that would have gathers, ruffles, and tucks at the seam of the skirt section on the wedding gown to provide extra room over your stomach. Ensure that you have enough lining for comfort. Also remember it is simpler to alter a wedding dress that is larger to go smaller than to have something too tight and enlarge, though both are very popular options.

Other styles include a princess wedding dress or a full a-line wedding dress style. Ensure that you’re able to order a wedding dress that is 2-3 dress sizes larger than your regular size. Even though the top on the dress will fit nicely, without a larger size couple months down the road it may be tough to fit into your dress.

If you have your wedding dress, it can be made larger to fit!

So if you’re are less than a few months out for your wedding and you’ve already purchased your wedding dress whether it’s too large a mastery skill tailor should be able to take in the top for a better fit. Or if it is too small they should also be able to create a corset to a great style and better fit or any number of restyling.


A gusset is a panel piece that is wedged and inserted into the seams from your back down to the hips and it has a widened out top edge. A nice design to best match the dress would come from the dress itself on the bottom of the hem. Another way is to pick out very similar fabric from places such as Hancock Fabrics, Joann Fabrics, or a local favorite SR Harris Fabrics. A lace up back with the loops and ribbon would also be created to for the back as well. If there is a zipper on the back it would be converted.

When to start your alteration process:

Please check out our past blog about choosing a dress tailor as well. Being pregnant places you in a different timeframe. Finding a bridal shop sooner than later will help you benefit from different ideas bridal specialists are able to provide you. The sooner you are able to receive your dress now, the sooner a tailor is able to look at your dress and provide you suggestions with what needs to be altered. Sometimes you may just need a hem or something taken-in if it’s closer towards the wedding date but always give yourself more time.

  • Ask about a time frame the tailor shop needs to complete work. (Some shops through our research do take longer than others. It may be due to multiple fittings or the season.)
  • Check for the number of fittings. (Even for master tailors it may take more than one fitting just due to the amount of size changes that occur.)
  • Free consultation. Really good tailors will be open and willing to work with you and to provide you with ideas of either taking in or letting out your wedding gown.

Every professional works with their clients differently. Make certain that the tailor you do find is able to do the work you’re seeking. Remember good indicators include:

  • Positive reviews
  • Work portfolio
  • Communication

Seeking a tailor isn’t difficult but to seek a very skilled one is tough. See a tailor couple months out if you’re able to. Bring in something simple to have tailored, have a conversation and discuss the needs of how your current dress fits and what you’re expecting. Goal for many shops is to have the pregnant bride or pregnant bridesmaids pick up their dress a few days to a month prior to the wedding.

If you have continually been up-to-date with Cheung’s Tailors blog post you understand that we are unbiased and very educational and so if you have any questions about you maternity wedding dress alterations and you’d like to just have some questions answered please send us an email at [email protected]!