Communion dresses can come in varying styles more intricate styles include lavish lacing and underskirts. Below are different ideas of communion dresses. 

  • Communion Dress with Lavish Lace Underskirt
  • Many customers are choosing from out miniature flower girl dresses with over 180 designs.
  • Communion Dresses Short Sleeve
  • Girls communion dress is elaborately designed with ribbons, roses, delicate lace and covered buttons.
  •  Communion crown with veil
  • Luxurious Dresses

Bring in your communion dress and see how we can help you redesign it! Here are some common alterations:

  • Shortening the hem
  • Removing the netting
  • Take up the waist
  • Take in the waist area
  • Take up the shoulders
  • Add in Lining
  • Add in Lacing
  • Add in beads
  • Create a viel / headpiece
  • Remove the sleeves
  • Add in sleeves
  • Shorten the sleeves




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