Well if you like our title you’re in for a treat, this blog piece is about pricing and misconceptions on tailoring and alterations for a pair of slacks/ trousers/ pants/ suit pants/ pajama pants/ denims etc. Basically anything that covers the tush.

Let us first look at more common services when it comes to pants. For many individuals we hear a lot from is I don’t know why they don’t just make pants that fit me!? Well if this were the case then we hope that people know they should purchase custom made to fit pants. Most things off the rack are not considered custom fitted. Rather they are just generic boxy sizes. It would be impossible to make and or find in a store that small, medium or large garment piece to fit your booty just perfectly.

So when it comes to pants we’ll help you out with some questions you can also ask or be told by your tailor.

What are cuffs? Well cuffs in laymen terminology is that extra fabric piece that is rolled up on the bottom of the pant leg. This is generally a great style for slack alterations on pleated pants.

What are European hems? Well, let’s start by defining a hem. Hem is essentially the edge or the edge piece of a fabric folded under and sewn together. When it comes to a normative hem this is a top stitch. When it comes to European hems this is where the bottom layer of the jeans are retains for aesthetic purposes such as the stitching. Generally manufacturer made items are tough to replicate due to the dye colors, fabric sourcing, materials and threading.

Why do prices vary? This is primarily due to style. Here are some starting points to think of.

  1. If a tailor tells you a price it’s possible bait-and-switch or they don’t mind the extra work or they don’t really know tailoring or you could tell them the following extra things.
    1. There’s a zipper on the bottom
    2. It has a vent
    3. The stitching, I’d like to keep it. Etc
  2. A proper tailor would provide you with options. The prices do vary from a-c above especially if there are variations in the material such as leathers and the style of each pair

My denims should I get them fixed? As a socially responsible business we say yes. But we also understand value. If you feel that it exceeds the value and there is no sentimental value to the piece we’ll tell it like it is. But the value of repairs are 100% from the labor so also understand that it is disregardless of the amount or how much face value a garment has it’s the labor that comes in the cost.

What other things can you do with my pants? Well prepared to have your mind blow, a lot!

  • Hemming
  • Waist out
  • Tapering
  • Waist in
  • Restyle
  • Elastics
  • Gussets
  • Zippers
  • Vents etc.

So like we always say then next time you get something redone. Ask questions! Normative pricing always varies as do some of those misconceptions. If you ever want a second opinion please ask.