This is a matter of personal perspective. We are all different, varying in shapes and sizes. Lets look at a few situations. We understand your purchase of the garment cost a certain value, but please never assume those cost of alterations should cost less. Manufactured made products are generally uniform and produced in a large tailoring factory, where as tailoring to have perfect size requires individualized attention.

Anything from a button, a hem, to custom wear can vary in pricing and here is why. We are all a little different in size and clothing is always changing in styles from beaded, pleated, something simple, and something intricate. There is not a one price fits all and no expert seamstress should ever tell you so.

**The following are all situations we have seen but the true value of the cost and bill are a reflection of perspective and not the true cost of our alteration prices. This page is not meant to quote pricing. 

Here’s an example, let us being with both dresses being the same price at $500.00

Let us think of a dress. A one piece layered dress with the bottom fabric being 26+ inches wide. It’s a lace dress for an evening event i’ll only wear it once. No ruffles, beading, lacing, sequence, zippers, vents, buttons. Just a plane bottom dress. Let’s hypothetically say to hem this dress may cost the client $30.00

Let us think of another dress. A wedding dress. This is 3 layered ball gown v-neck with beading appliques, rhinestones, 3 bustles, long train, and 80+ wide. Let’s hypothetically say to hem this dress may cost the client $300.00

Prices do vary on many garments. No seamstress should ever tell you an exact price over the phone or provide you with a price without seeing the garment or dress. As you may now understand the price of the dresses were irrelevant it’s the difficulty and time our expert seamstress take to pin and tailor to make you look and feel great in what you wear. 

The following are just some more examples if you understand the last idea please skip.

  •  As one who believes they are vertically challenged at 5 feet 2 inches most new pants purchased are a 30x waist and 30 inseam. I want to look and feel good in what I wear so I always need a hem for my pants. I purchased these jeans from True Religion well worth over $200.00. Price matters, but so does the quality. I want an expert seamstress to add an European hem to retain the stitching. Client Bill – $30.00
  • I purchased a cute Minnesota Twins baseball shirt for my baby at a thrift store it cost $2.00. I need it all re-sized to fit her, the arm holes, the length, the sides and also would like to add button snaps to the back so it’s easier for me to help her wear it. Client Bill – $65.00
  • My expensive Hugo Boss dress pants worth $165.00 had the hem come undone while at work due to the velcro becoming caught on the stitching. Restitching the one leg hem. Client Bill – $8.00
  • I’d like a custom shirt made from scratch I’ll purchase my own fabric materials and buttons. I’d also like the dress shirt to have a square pocket, initial monograms on the cuffs, different colored cuffs, a slim back, contrast stitching, cornered collar, and eight buttons. Client Bill – $265