It depends. We help our clients ask a lot of questions. It’s our belief that it would help demystify your experience with a good seamstress.

At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we pride ourselves in a quick turn around. We understand you brought in an article of clothing or fabric hoping to have it sooner than later. Even for those prepared may need last minute tailoring.  If you haven’t already please read our expedited  services check it out. Many seamstresses may hold your garment for either hours or week/s. It would depend on the type of services you seek from our seamstress.

Our general service is one week to nine days and we wish to have dresses for at least weeks. Does that mean you can’t get it back tonight or tomorrow? Absolutely not. We provide expedited  tailoring by our seamstresses daily. If you need it tomorrow we will do our best, if you need it this weekend we will do our best our quality and integrity in our work will be at it’s best.

Accommodating to our services we provide a general time frame from our expert seamstress. During different seasons we perform different work. Generally during the winter times we perform lots of zippers a day from jackets, coats, and pants. Summer times a lot of summer garments and accessories. Whereas, during most months year round our seamstress perform a majority of dress tailoring. We will also do our best to get your next alterations performed when you need it. Especially for a special day such as your wedding, prom, or bridal party.

***Some items for larger zippers or materials out of our control such as needing to order materials for unique or custom garments may take longer than usual. Pick up time will be clarified during your visit. We do our best to accommodate every client and their schedule.