Absolutely! At Cheung’s Tailor alterations we are accommodating! If we’re here we will do our best to help with your alteration needs. A rush fee will be added to your final total – rush is also a cash only service. Our normal service is one week – some clothing alterations may require more time. Such as dress alterations and busier seasons, but no worries these items may also be expedited by our expert seamstresses in Minnesota.

Our rush service offerings are as follows: 

1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, & 1 day up to 6 days. Rush alterations or expedited tailor is popular and many times our clients need it for various reasons.

So if you’re running into the following situations, many we have witnessed we can help you every day before one week!

Same day: 

  • 1 HOUR – I’m a hockey referee, but I forgot to change out my yearly patch for tonight’s game. We provide expedited patch tailoring in Blaine, MN. I need it now in one please. [Note: Humans can move fast, machines can move fast. At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations fast does not mean we lack quality in our services. That being said, tailoring takes time and generally clients who receive same day rush alterations we see: Pant hems, dress alterations, patches, buttons, restitching, etc. But it still takes time]
  • 2 HOURS – New interview this afternoon, but I am drowning in my button down shirt. We provide expedited custom shirt tailoring. First impressions matter. At Cheung’s Tailor we service tailoring all over Minnesota. So if your interview is today we are able: Take in your shirt, shorten those sleeves, add new buttons, remove buttons, remake your tie, restitch a seam.
  • 4 HOURS- My son’s play is evening, last night he tore open a seam. At Cheung’s Tailor Alteration we do unique alterations in Minnesota. From quilts to custom pajamas. So if you have something unique for a play and the seam on that costume could use some stitching. We are your MN Seamstress.
  • 1 DAY – Tomorrow I have a date and my jeans could use some hemming. Jean hemming is our thing – so is everything else. We hope to be your local tailors around town and get those jeans shorten in no time. Well, in a day!
  • 2 DAYS – I don’t know why my dog tore open my child’s backpack and ripped the zipper. Well don’t worry we speak zipper and a lot of other alterations in Minnesota. Lot of zippers can be repaired, we believe in education as well so every year we provide donations to various non-profits in Minnesota. So let’s get some zipper replacements on those backs by our tailors and get those kids zipping happily.
  • 3 DAYS- Our children have their scout meetings this Wednesday and the new patches just came in, what should we do? Have no fear, Cheung’s Tailor is here. We have worked closely with all branches of the United States Armed Forces as well as, Boy’s Scouts & Girl’s Scouts Patches, VFW’s, Community Service Officers, Police Departments, Corporate businesses. We do a lot of patches, anything from small ones to large leather jacket patches. Get your tailoring done fast with our rush services. 
  • 4 DAYS – I have a wedding gown that I ordered online and it just doesn’t fit, over 3 sizes too big! [ Rush alterations on this happen often, so don’t worry] My wedding is in 4 day’s can you do it? Let us first start by saying congratulations! And yes we can do our best. Wedding is a very important day in most of our lives if not the most important. Our expert seamstress in Minnesota has performed thousands of dress alterations and we help consult on breaking down what is the most import needs. Wedding gown bustles, Wedding dress bust cups, Wedding Dress Hemming, Wedding Gown reconstruction, Bridal Alterations, Custom Bridesmaid Alterations, Prom Dress Alterations. 
  • 5 DAYS – I was ice fishing and burned a hole into my new snow suit because of my gas buddy. Is this repairable before we head up north this weekend? Minnesota is known for our cold winters and before you know it when we need it most it’s either not found or broken. Bring in your winter gear to have it repaired. Anything from jacket zipper replacements, snow suit patching, rain gear, dry suit repairs, down garment repairs, back packing tailoring, motorcycle suit repairs.
  •  6 DAYS – My in laws are coming over for the holidays and my new curtains are way too long. I must have it that evening. Curtains, drapery, custom pillows, custom curtains etc. we can make sure the in laws won’t trip over them. Give us a call today. We’ll get your home accessories matching.
  • 7 DAYS – I’m in no hurry, take your time I understand you’re busy. Take 10 day’s I’ll actually be out of Minnesota til the following week and I won’t be needing my clothing anytime soon. 

Whether it’s one hour up to 6 days, Cheung’s Tailor Alterations have been known to make sure we got you covered. Life happens. If its a patch tonight, hunting pants in two days, or meeting the in laws we’ll make you fashionable.

No questions too big and no work too small. Stop on by consultations are always free.