At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we provide professional United States Marine Corp Alterations. For both male and female service member uniforms, as well as civilian coats and trousers. Our 25 years of experience serving our military will ensure a quality fit and well stitched insignias.

From your Marine uniforms, blazers, evening dress and PFC chevrons our alteration services for your commissioning blues, alpha and service coats; here is a small list of services we are able to provide for your Marine uniform alterations.

  • Marine Uniform deepen arm hole.
  • Adjust uniform shoulder pads
  • Take in lower, adjust, and let out rise of the pants
  • Belt loops add in additional holes
  • Buttons and loops
  • Button holes
  • Chevrons add and remove
  • Take in and let out chest
  • Replace jacket pockets
  • Shorten and take in neck collar
  • Restitch uniform seams
  • Replace tanker zipper
  • Adjust top pockets
  • Adjust uniform vents
  • Increase and reduce size of waist
  • Replace back pocket and seams
  • Patch holes
  • Add stripe to sides
  • Replace facing
  • Taper legs from knee or waist down
  • Adjust seat and crotch area
  • Add on pant zippers
  • Replace zippers

Every effort will be made to ensure that proper tailoring is performed. Please do inform the tailor of any changes you have varying from individual uniforms for alterations. Here are some of our most common patches we perform:

  • Marine Private First Class (PFC) – Chevrons
  • Marine PFC Service Alpha Chevrons
  • Marine Dress Blue Chevrons
  • Marine LCPL Khaki Chevrons
  • Marine LCPL Service Alpha Chevrons
  • Marine LCPL Dress Blue Chevrons
  • Marine CPL Khaki Chevrons
  • Marine CPL Service Alpha Chevrons
  • Marine CPL Dress Blue Chevrons
  • Marine SGT Khaki Chevrons
  • Marine SGT Service Alpha Chevrons
  • Marine SGT Dress Blue Chevrons
  • Marine Service Stripe Bars

“Serving Our Nation’s Finest, Since 1991.”

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