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Love your closet but hate the torn up and non-fitting clothing that you own? Or how about looking to learn a new crafting skill and hope to take on sewing? At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations as we continue to demystify the industry we’ll discuss some different sewing projects that are possible from school aged children, adults to a local tailor near you, like us.

If you’ve ever been through a Family and Consumer Science class (FACs) class in grade school you probably learned how to bake, sew, write a check etc. Back in school we had made stuffed plush bunny toys from scratch. Learning the different parts of your craft project is crucial in order to learn how to sew properly. We believe in progression with your projects, learning how to sew something simple, then sewing that same simple thing many times to perfect speed & quality then moving on to sewing more intricate attachments and lastly moving on to a tougher project.

Visit your local crafts store such as JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics or visit our list of place’s we recommend for our clients. Start with your sewing idea. Here is a fun list of things that we sew here locally in Blaine, MN.

  • Custom sewn in zippers on pillow cases
  • Bridal sewn decorations
  • Bridal garters
  • Women’s sewing garments
  • Men’s sewing garments
  • Custom sewn coat dresses
  • Custom sewn wedding gowns

You might be thinking wow, that’s a tough start. Yes, but it would be a great goal to aim for. Though we have mastered the craft over 25+ years there is still a lot to learn and understand. So before we even move into making custom sewing plush. We suggest heading to your local Goodwill, Savers or consignment store, purchases some clothing you could possibly wear and start the tear, sew repair process.

Here with the damaged material you don’t need to worry about damaging your own clothing. But still able to have a fun sewing project. Here are some things that we believe would be simple to start.

  • Custom sewing tie blankets – Master the art of cutting with nice shears
  • Custom sewing binding on blankets – Instead of ties, sew in the binding and work on your stitching skills
  • Custom sewing quilts – This should help you with understanding how to pin down your layers
  • Custom sewing projects – Beginners: Aprons, blankets, lap quilts, wall organizers, cozy pads, square oven mittens.

At Cheung’s Tailor we do custom sewing in Blaine, Minnesota – so if you’re looking to have it professionally done or wish to ask us how to source, stitch or complete a project consult with us!