First time at Sadie Hawkins? Ever wonder what the difference is from all the other dances throughout the year? Such as snow days, homecoming, and prom? Well the bottom line is it means another chance to think about what to wear! Sadie Hawkins is an idea that women got to ask men to be their date instead of the other way around. At Sadie Hawkins girls generally dress less formally than prom, but it is still a dance. Usually like most dances it is best to shop early, to check out some boutique shops during the cheap holiday season. Especially after Christmas sales.

Depending on the style you wish to achieve we suggest either going into a boutique shop or going online and checkout pinterest for a source of inspiration! You may find a lot of short dresses with lacing. Wonderful ideas!

Most dresses require a few alterations. Here are some common alterations we perform:

  • Pining the open back – to relieve bulging of extra material
  • Shortening the hem
  • Add in lacing
  • Replacing the zipper
  • Add in sequins
  • Add in beading
  • Add in bust cups
  • Take in the waist area
  • Bring up the should straps
  • Add in elastic
  • Remove the sleeves
  • Add in sheer lacing to the top

*This is only a small list of what we are able to do, please let us know if you think of something else.




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