A few weeks ago we discussed a little more about gussets and the ability to widen your dress without the need of purchasing a different dress, because sometimes some dresses just don’t have that same style or fit. Here today we’d like to discuss another idea similar to gussets where you are able to restyle your dress with a little more style. This isn’t limited to dresses that need to have panels done; it may be dresses you’re just hoping to restyle. The possibilities are endless.

Similar as before a gusset is the ability to add fabric to certain areas to create more room they may be included in:

-Pants: To give room for the rise.

-Underarm: To give room while moving.

Ever wonder what you could do with the favorite dress you’ve bought that doesn’t zip up? Get a corset back added with you dress! The nice thing about corset backs is they’re self-adjusting you don’t have to worry about the zipper busting open. There are also many dresses that have zippers on the side so you can have best of both worlds!

Having a dress that doesn’t fit is very common to have a corset back put in. There are several options to have this done. First would be to harvest material from the bottom of the dress to create the panel in the back and with enough material also the loops and ribbon. The second option is to purchase  a different material so the tailor is able to create the panel, loops, and the ribbon around 2 yards on most will be good or check with you tailor to see how much is needed. Last way is to purchase another dress or a used dress to get this material.

Check in with Cheung’s Tailor Alterations and see how we are able to help you with you dress and adding in a corset back. Here’s a link to check out gussets that we can create.


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