It’s your one day. You’ve done a lot already. You’ve spent long hours setting up center pieces, sending out invites, and having a little fun. The last thing you want to remember is the little things. Have you gotten your dress pressed yet? One of the final steps in preparation for your wedding is pressing your dress. Generally done around a few days to a few weeks prior to the wedding or before the big event. Whether you’re looking to get it pressed or steamed a professional is able to take on the role of making your life a lot easier. Here are some things we help you think before we begin.

-Bodice: If you’re gown is less intricate such as a plain top we’ll press the exterior first. If there is a large amount of lacing and rhinestones we’ll help you press / steam from the interior.

-Sleeves: If your dress has sleeves we’ll utilize our skills to ensure that not too many creases are created on the front or back especially if there isn’t lacing.

-The train: If your dress is longer we’ll help you layout the bottom and methodically press / stream from left to right and top to bottom.

-Layers: Depending on the type of material the layers are we’ll help press the interior to layout prior to pressing the exterior.

After having your dress presses there are some other things to think about. Depending if you’re having a destination wedding which we suggest to have pressed or steamed after you’ve arrived to that location if not there are some ways to hang your dress.

While transporting your dress from the bridal salon, cleaners, or the tailor shop hang the dress as long as possible while hanging one side on the hook of your car in the back seat. If you’re home hang the dress as high as possible to leaving it flowing and out of the bag. If you have couple plastic bags having an extra from the train will help avoid bunching.

Always remember that depending on the material of your dress some material are tougher to work with and wrinkle much easier. If you have a simple iron or steamer at home after placing your dress on a little steaming on the major areas such as the waist and train may be steamed again.