Does something on your winter gear just not fit or thinking about finding a creative tailor to make what you’re hoping for? At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations for 27 years we’ve seen it all. Here are some items that are common for winter garment alterations.

Snowmobile Jacket Repairs & Alterations

Some brands of great outdoors include FXR Snowmobile Pants, Klim, BCA, DSG, MotorFist, GMax, HJC, Castlex, 509 and Fly Racing gear.

Besides simple repairs including using Goretex materials to repair holes and tears on your pants we are able to perform complex alterations.

For 27 years we are able to support you with all your winter gear alteration needs. Many times the size of the garment may not fit from the top to the bottom check out what we’re able to perform with the following stories.

Snowmobile Jackets:

Client purchased an FXR Boost X Jacket, but wanted some extra modifications. Client mailed in his alterations to have an extra zipper placed into the sleeve to keep some extra money on the go.

  • Addition of Goretex/ waterproof material to create a 6×4 inch pocket with a custom zipper for around 3” inches.

Prior to getting this piece altered we needed to help the client acknowledge that with the FXR brand embroidered on the jacket there is always a possibility for this portion to get covered up. As from a pricing aspect it is normally more expensive to open up the layers between the jacket and the lining as an option to ensure that materials are able to shift around.

In the future if you were looking to other repair services done to a snowmobile jacket some common options for this include;

  • Warranty Repairs,
  • Replacement of cuff sleeves,
  • Replacement of waterproof zippers that are broken,
  • Replacement of drawstrings on the hood,

There are also very common things that cannot be performed due to burns, improper care of the snowmobile jackets. This normally would include the embroidery. Some manufacture items cannot be replaced and we would normally suggest you check with the company you purchased the item from first to see if this is an item they are able to support.