Welcome to the New Year! Some exciting things have already happened this year & it’s almost time for Prom! It may be your Freshman year and it’s the first time attending Prom or it may be your fourth or fifth… time going to Prom if you go to other school dances.

For 27 years Cheung’s Tailor Alterations has been a local favorite as Twin-Cities most experienced Tailors. No need for awards, fancy story or reasons to sell our services. Our online portfolio shows for itself, check us out on Facebook.

If you’re in a local High School in the Anoka County area of Minnesota and searching for a tailor for Prom we are your local tailors and we want to help educate you on how to select the right Prom Dress this season.

Here are some items that we hope you should think about and how we are able to ensure your prom night is a successful one!

  1. Having a budget for Prom

Going to Prom is not cheap, unless you had invested in Bitcoin Cyptocurrency less than a decade ago you may not have an outrageous budget. So setting a budget now helps you think of what you should be expecting.  

According to a Yahoo Survey regarding Prom Cost Across America the average cost around the midwest was a whopping $700.00. Let Cheung’s Tailor Alteration help you break down those cost and think how you can be saving and shifting where your money goes.

  1.  Pick out the right Prom Dress –

Let’s say you and your significant other have saved up and you’re thinking of spending $700.00 this past year and this is your budget. Purchasing your Prom Dress may be one of the largest costs to your special night out. From a professional tailor such as Cheung’s Tailor Alterations or find a local tailor near you – we highly recommend you first find something you love and should never be more than 20-35% of your budget $140.00 – $245.00. When searching for your dress think about the overall fit and follow our guide:

Make sure the top of your Prom Dress fits : For women wearing Petite Prom Dresses there may not be a one size fits all. Certainly manufacturers produce clothing for the masses having some alterations is very normal. The same goes for 16W to 22W dresses.

  • Great it fits – you’re good to go.
  • Oh no it’s a little loose – It is possible to shorten the straps on your Prom Dress or add darts to your if they stick out too far.
  • The Prom Dress does not fit – what should i do?
    • Think about how in LOVE are you with the Prom Dress.
    • Depending on if the Prom Dress is simple or complex think about cost and search for Prom Dress Tailors Near You to discuss your concerns.
  • Go out with your friends to search for the next amazing Prom Dress!

Prom Dress shopping should be fun and never a hassle. If you’re shopping on a budget it’s not necessary that you need to shop for Prom Dresses near you, think about going online or going the extra mile to purchase from a Consignment Dress locations.

Check out our next blog posts about Consignment Dress Shopping and how to spend your $140.00 -$245.00 budget!