Planning on wearing your mothers or grandmothers wedding dress down the aisle? Many do, generations one after another have worn the same dresses as a wonderful tradition. But this doesn’t mean that same dresses can fit the next generation perfectly. When it comes to having the dress fit, a professional vintage dress seamstress will help you do their best to preserve the over wedding dress.

Before doing so we must first ask to see if it’s possible. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to newer dresses, with vintage wedding dresses you must ensure that the overall integrity of the material can handle alterations.

Modernization of the dress is common. There are a variety of things that can be changed. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Have the neckline changed or replaced on the vintage wedding dress
  • Sleeves shorten or removed on a vintage wedding dress
  • Bustles changed on a vintage wedding dress
  • Removal of the train on a vintage wedding dress
  • Removal of the ruffles on your shoulders on a vintage wedding dress
  • For dresses too small, creation of a panel or corset on the back on a vintage wedding dress
  • Hemming is a normal alteration but not as common with vintage dresses
  • Addition of lace and/or rhinestones to a vintage wedding dress
  • Adding trims or rhinestone applique on a vintage wedding dress
  • Add on simple sashes to a vintage wedding dress

For simpler modifications to a wedding dress, you may look at adding on a veil or shawl to the exterior as a wrap. Most dresses back in the day have straps and a neckline. Replacing or removing does require a lot of skills. If you have a design or the perfect idea it is best to consult with a professional vintage wedding dress expert today.

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