An elegant beautiful wedding dress or garment is to complement your body. The curves, the size the layers, beadings, everything. But could you imagine purchasing a wedding gown that you would drown in? Bust being too large, the waist feeling too narrow?

When searching for the perfect wedding dress it may be most overwhelming trying to find the perfect one. Reason being, unless you are having a custom wedding dress made to fit ideally styles changes year after year if not several times throughout a season. So in order to have a dress with a little lace here, beading there, rhinestones, and everything it needs to be custom made. Or you can get custom alterations. Generally a style you enjoy but just needs a little nip tuck if you will.

Start simple what “style,” fit are you aiming for? The a line, modified, mermaid, ball gown… etc. No worries we’ve got you covered with the most popular, just think about your body and most importantly what you’ll be most comfortable in as well:

 A-Line Wedding Dresses: A well fitted top, with the skirt portion of the wedding dresses a little wider as it sits flat on the floor. Creating a shape like the letter A.

Cinderella Wedding Dresses: We also call them the ball gown wedding dresses, a well fitted top with the skirt much puffier. The amount of tulle on the bottom can be as large as ten layers wide, this would be an organza outside with a simple pencil lined interior to keep it from causing too much roughness underneath.

Column Wedding Gowns: Some times simpler is better. The column wedding gown is perfect for those who want to perform things outdoors. From a simple column that is from top to bottom it may be form fitting and not too skin tight. Elegant statement necklaces, lace or a simple waist band rhinestone applique is best used to give your body more contrast.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses: Our absolute favorite! A well fitting and curve hugging dress with flares that move out on the bottom like a fin. Unlike a ball gown the material on the bottom is a lot softer tulle.

Modified A-Line Wedding Dresses:  The amazingness of the modified a line is also known as a fit and flare, the design of this dress hugs your body slightly and hip area but becomes wider towards the bottom. Not as wide where it creates too much material but a nice pleated dress for more flow on the bottom. The focus is always on the top.

Tea Length Wedding Dresses:  Want the simple shorter than the rest outdoor wedding dress? This would be great for those who want something a lot simpler. The elegance of this wedding dress shouldn’t be too flashy simple things go a long way.

Trumpet Wedding Dresses:  The trumpet wedding dress is as if the modified A-line and the Mermaid wedding dress had merged together. The dress would for the most part fit tightly on your body, but somewhere more mid tight then start to flare. The best material on the outer layer is the organza with a starch like feel that holds out the rigidness.

It may not be a long list of wedding dresses, but to start your journey in searching out for the perfect dress we say understand the look. Pinterest or Google images are always a great start to just find what wedding dresses are most visually appealing. Then, think about your body shape and speak with a professional expert seamstress/ tailor to see what is possible.

Start trying on dresses! At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we wish you the happiest and if you have any questions along this journey please reach out to us. If you have any question s or would like to make an appointment for a consultation we recommend you contact us at [email protected]. Please visit our portfolio in the following pages:



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