So if you’re in the planning process of looking for bridesmaid dresses here’s a good start, think of the over group look you’re hoping to achieve: (Review your suggestion with the group and the bride of course)

  • The identical bridesmaid dress wedding look: Each member of the group would be wearing the same style, color bridesmaid dress and matching shoes.
  • The same style dress, just a different look than the bride: Maybe you’re hoping  to all wear a sweetheart dress simple with a tie on the waist. Where the bride’s wedding dress would be similar but have lacing, rhinestones, or a different shade of the same color.
  • Different styles bridesmaid dresses with the same color and length: This would be a bridesmaid group with the same color and length dress but some may have straps, halter top, no straps, one strap, one sided, lacing with a bow, v-neck etc.
  • Vintage style bridesmaids: You love more colors than just white! Maybe some floral prints, or a custom bridesmaid dress with ruffles. Most parties in this category would have different dresses to stand out. Make sure you don’t take too much style away from the bride on her special day.
  • Different styles, but the same color: Some parties may find it to be more convenient to just have each bridesmaid choose their dress and style. But have the same colors. This works out nicely when you’re able to find a dress boutique that can match the entire group.
  • The mismatched bridesmaid group: Wear whatever bridesmaid dress you’d like. Just make sure it’s a dress!

—There’s so many other ways, just six bridesmaid dress styles here alone. When you come out with some other idea’s please share with us at [email protected].

For those who are tech savvy a neat idea: After finding the location for the wedding and the dresses you’re hoping to wear take individual pictures and photo shop it into the background. This will give you the look you’re hoping to achieve!

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