It was a wonderful experience to have helped the Anoka County 4-H Y.E.S. program. If you had purchased a dress from there and need alterations please give us a call or email and we’re more than happy to provide you with a free consultation. Check out some pictures below: This week through next week we have a 5 part series about being a bridesmaid.

Prom Dress Alterations in Minnesota AnokaProm Dress Alterations in Minnesota Wedding Dress Alterations In Minnesota

We’ll talk about everything from Bridesmaid dress traditions, the time frame before bridesmaid shopping, bridesmaid dress planning, going bridesmaid dress shopping, and choosing a bridesmaid dress tailor.

Congratulations for being a bridesmaid! Now your emotions may go through either one of the following emotions:

  1. Oh my, amazing! What do I do now?!
  2. Yes! But let me make sure I have the time right now.
  3. What should I say for my toast? Wait it’s time to look for bridesmaid dresses!
  4. Stay calm, smile, and think of all the fun!

Yes, we know there are more emotions to this amazing moment of being a bridesmaid so let’s make a plan together! Let’s start by thinking ahead, so…..

  • If you’re reading this and you have another year before the actual wedding, be excited, thank the bride to be and go enjoy yourselves. You’ve got an entire year to plan.
  • If you’re reading this 8 months before the wedding, whew you’re still doing just fine. Get an email going, meet the other girls plan a bachelorette party!
  • If you’re reading this 6 months before the wedding, It may be time to go bridesmaid dress shopping.
  • If you’re reading this 2 months before the wedding, you still got time. Gather yourself and see how everyone can pitch in to help the bride out.
  • If you’re reading this blog at the wedding, you’re probably getting ready to be a bridesmaid. So for now maybe switch over and take some nice pictures =).

We know being a bridesmaid or maid of honor can be both a fun and exciting experience. But also a very exhausting and time consuming journey to undertake. So by understanding more of the Bridesmaid culture and tradition, it will help your planning process to become a lot easier.

It’s always fun to have a great party and spend time with all your friends by having an awesome bachelorette party. It may be something simple with everyone over at home with a few drinks, a night out with all the girls shopping, a fun destination trip or going out to have your bridesmaid dress alterations done. Bridesmaids are there to help provide invaluable support for the bride. If you think it’s a lot to handle image what the bride needs to do for herself. Traditionally it’s been thought that bridesmaids actually help protect the bride to be from evil. Generally, the bridesmaid would then also dress in the same wedding dress the bride would to cause confusion to the said spirits and wished them no harm. Time’s may have changed but not too much away from traditions, even in today’s culture many bridesmaids wear similar if not identical bridesmaid dresses.

Our next blog post: Choosing your bridesmaid dress “group look.”