To my surprise a friend once stated – you can replace zippered in jeans? As he use to just throw them out. I said of course like your car you probably replace oil every three to five thousand miles why not replace a zipper if it’s broken and they’re in your favorite pair of jeans. At Cheung’s Tailor we have seen a lot of amazing gently worn and new consignment items that just need something simple like a hem or zipper repaired.

So as we continually demystify the tailoring and alterations industry as much as possible! Yes, every day we want to bring more awareness to what is possible to be repaired! Since is March 20 the official first day of Spring in 2016 day it’s time to dig deep into your closet and start separating some clothing! The purpose of the next 30 days is to also make others more aware of the possibilities that you can do to your garment and daily wear. Remember fit and comfortable is what we’ve been about the past 25 years. Many individuals may be intimidated by tailors if it’s their first time or just think that all they do is dresses and luxury items.

So today we’ll look at how to sort out your closet and think about what you want to keep, what you should donate, what you could do instead of donating, and how to restyle your clothing and create something new! When winter came through this year you were possibly very excited or someone was excited for you to buy you more clothes. What is better than a new style during the new year with deep discounts and great sales. Oh yeah, that’s right – the other years of great sales and discounts that have already packed your entire closet full of things you probably haven’t touched for year! Well whether you have a clothing drawer, small open closet, or large open closet take a deep breath find some space on your bed or the floor and start storing. We know everyone hoards a little of something so we’ll look at both a great way to perform an overhaul on your wardrobe and tips to add in some new stuff.

Ready. Set. Read. Sort.

  1. Start with some music: We’re all a little mroe productive without major distractions and movies. So some music will have liven up the mood for yourself and get your ready to clean.
  2. Start with some space: Your closet has more than you think. It’s a deep dark hole of clothing and stuff you probably haven’t seen since last year. Clear your bed, make room in the hall way, or start with a shelve and large 30 gallon garbage bags.
  3. Get a mirror: You’re going to have pieces you may like or have an idea for how you can restyle it. Get a mirror so you can see if it’s a keeper.
  4. Choose something: This means you don’t need to if you have several places you have clothing to just start taking everything off of hangers and throwing it around start with one closet and start methodically breaking it down. Let’s start with pants.
  5. Prioritize: You probably have dress pants, jeans, khakis, shorts take them all out and sort them on the bed.
  6. Make four piles:

A: The yes I’m definitely keeping those jeans

B: No I don’t want these – donation pile

C: I’ll think about it

D: Yes/No you may keep but needs some tailoring and repair.

Here are some items you may tailor and restyle:

  • Jean zippers
  • Hemming jeans / make them shorts
  • Make long sleeves into short ones
  • Adding lacing to a dress
  • Restyling an old dress into a spring dress
  • The ideas are endless! Contact Cheung’s Tailor today and see what we can do for you.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind the one year rule: You don’t need 10 of everything. So unless you have space it’s time to make some more. Ivest in organizing tools, such as hangers or another drawer for you accessories. Recruit a good friend to help share your ideas. Finally, when donating you don’t have to bring everything to Goodwill. There are plenty of designer clothing consignment shops in Minnesota. Either you get money up front or if your piece sells you get a percentage back. How cool is that recycling those old jeans for pair of new ones. See you can be thrifty, savvy, and stylish at the same time!