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You’ve asked and we’re delivering, every day! For over 25 years our team at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations had one goal in mind. To make you feel great in what you wear. It seems funny that you may imagine well who would purchase something uncomfortable to wear right? Well, that’s not the entire story. We’re all different, in shape and size. Clothing wasn’t mean to be made specifically for “so-and-so,” rather for … XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXL. That’s not your name nor my own. This is where Cheung’s Tailor Alterations can help. As we continually advocate for the tailoring industry we are also hoping to bring more awareness to the wonderful world of alterations. That you become an educated shopper when you purchase your next dress, garment, or suit. That you are thinking of all the cool things you’re able to do with that garment. For dresses it may be to add in a bustle, bust cups, gusset. Or for a suit it may be hemming the sleeves or tapering the pant legs.

So as we began building out our Pinterest board we were thinking about what would the public and our clients like to see? We wish we could show you everything but it may be overwhelming, so we’re going to show you just a few of everything and the possibilities of what you are able to do. Remember ask questions. The more you ask the more you know. Before I continue you may also be wondering what the significance of the picture above hold. This is our way of creating the golden standard to tailoring that we are continually building and setting up for the past 25 years. The golden standard for us is to bring you the best customer service, best knowledge we are able to provide, and the best care for you garment. We wish that you would treat yourself well, dress yourself better, and feel good in what you wear.

Our Pinterest board is simple. We’ve scanned some of the past (20+ years ago), some of the present (garments we’ve recently done), and some ideas you may not have thought about. Through the end of your Pinterest journey I hope you have an “Ahhh,” moment and think, “wow, you can do that to your garment; cool!” We also which to show that a master tailor who is well rounded is able to perform both simple, intricate, and custom tailoring. Here it begins:

Our Boards:

Wedding Dress Alterations:

Bridesmaid Dress Alterations 

Prom Dress Alterations 

Mother Of The Bride Dress Alterations

Vintage Wedding Dress Alterations 

Custom Made Dresses

Flower Girl Dress Alterations

Retro 20+ Years Ago Dress Alterations:

Custom Made Wedding Gowns: 

Custom Made Flower Girl Dresses: 

Jacket Zipper Alterations:

Garment Patches: 

Custom Garment Alterations: 

European Pant Hems:

General Alterations:

Men’s Alterations:

United States Military Alterations:

Boy’s/ Girl Scout Alterations: 

Curtain & Drapery Alterations:

Miscellaneous Alterations/ Tailoring: 

That above is 20 boards and currently 381 pins. We’ll bring you more soon. Please remember to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest & our blog for all your tailoring needs! We hope you enjoy our pictures and again if you have any suggestions of a board you’d like to see let us know!