From the fitness uniform to what is authorized to wear the Army is held to the highest standards. The physical fitness uniform consists of the following components.

  • Jacket, pants, trunks, t-shirt, undergarments, footwear and socks.

As for the male service/ dress uniform consists of:

  • Coat, Trousers, Shirts, Neckties, Undergarments, Belts, Headgear, Footwear , Socks, Undershirt, and Service class A or B with the neck tie as an option. The Dress would have all the above components and the bow tie is substituted for the necktie.

As for the female service/ dress uniforms it consists of:

  • Skirt, shirt, Neck Tab, Undergarment, Belt, Headgear, Footwear, Hosiery with the service class A or B female soldiers may elect to wear either the trousers or the skirt. The neck tab is optional. As for the Service class A all the components are worn either the trousers or the skirt. The dress must have the skirt worn.

Our expert tailoring services will sew on your name/ branch tape and rank with your embroidered badge which allows you to be prepared for your ready – to – wear uniform. During your formal military fitting we provide accurate measurements to ensure that your ranks are sewn on properly.

Here are some of our most common services for most branches of the military:

  • Army Battle Uniforms : Hemming for pants, cargo or mess
  • Uniform Skirts: Hemming
  • Let in and take out waist for uniforms pants / skirts
  • Sew own military uniform pant strips
  • Shorten military uniform sleeves
  • Replace military uniform velcros
  • Replace/ move or reline buttons in a uniform set
  • Shorten uniform suit coat
  • Take in and let out sides of uniform jackets
  • Sew on military cap ranks
  • Stitch white parade gloves

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