When it comes to the United States Military we’ll discuss the variations of a Navy uniform from general requirements, officers, chief petty officer uniforms, to those enlisted.

Naval officers and Chief Petty Officers are responsible for purchasing and maintaining uniforms appropriately that is assigned by their prescribed authority. Though there is no minimum number of uniforms required. Sufficient quantities of uniform items should be necessary to maintain and ensure high standards of personal appearance.

Though there is a larger list of components that both men and women officers must have we’ve listed some items below:

  • Navy Uniform all-weather coat
  • Navy Uniform Bag
  • Navy Uniform Belts
  • Navy Uniform Blousing Straps
  • Navy Uniform Cap – Ball / Garrison / Knit / 8 – point
  • Navy Uniform Coveralls
  • Navy Uniform Leather glover
  • Navy Uniform Insignia, Collar Service E2 / E3
  • Navy Uniform Jumper blue and white dress
  • Navy Uniform Mock T-shirt
  • Navy Uniform Trousers / Broadfall / Blue / White
  • Navy Uniform Undershirts

For a perfect fit let our Navy Uniform Tailor perform the perfect fit for you to look in solidarity.

Here is a small list of services we offer for the correct wear of various garments:

  • Navy Uniform Garrison Cap/ Blue/ Khaki / Green for all officers and CPOs – Worn squarely on the head, with fore and aft crease centered vertically between eyebrow and the lowest point 1 inch above eye brows. As your Navy uniform Tailors we are able to stitch on your insignias or seams that have come apart.
  • Navy Uniform Caps / Knit (E6 or Below) – Worn squarely on the head, with a double folded approximately 2.5” inches – 3 “ inches, with the bottom edge parallel to the 1.5” above the eye brows. We are able to Restitch the knits as necessary.
  • Navy Uniform Cape Alterations – Worn with a closed neck with the hooks and eyes and at the breast with fasteners. At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we are able to help with shortening the length.
  • Navy Uniform Coat and Aviation Greens (Officers/ CPOs) – Officers / CPO men wear it with the fold elastic or link chain closures; E-6 and below men wear it with black or silver elastic. Women wear their jacket open. We are able to resize the coat by taking in the sides and shortening the hem on the bottom as necessary.
  • Navy Uniform Coat Service Dress Blues ( Men Officers/ CPOs and all women) – Worn with buttons all buttoned. On your Navy Uniform alterations we are able to perform both resizing and button replacements.
  • Navy Uniform Cummerbunds – Worn with the pleats up, around the waist and overlapping the skirt or the trousers top with one inch. We are able to make custom cummerbunds, or Restitch seams, elastics and the pleats.
  • Navy Uniform Duffle Bags – Opposite side carrying strap, centered one foot from the top. Duffle bag repairs are common, from duffle bag zipper replacements, strap repairs, patching on the interior/ exterior.
  • Navy Uniform Handbags / black or white dress (women) – Officers/ CPOs is required to carry the dress handbag with dinner and formal dress uniforms. Enlisted E6 and below may carry it optionally with dinner dress uniforms. We are able to repair your handbags from addition of new zippers or the interior, repair the leather or the strap to addition of new holes on the straps.
  • Navy Uniform Jackets, Black/ Jacket / Khaki Windbreakers – Each rank is worn differently. From Officers/ CPOs to E6 and below. Please know that a single – breasted, short style jacket, made of water repellent cloth and zippers are different. The correct wear for the khaki windbreakers must be closed with the zipper at least ¾ of the way. Button the collar button back when not in use. We are able to perform zipper replacements, replace pocket liners, replace jacket linings, patch snaps and replace.
  • Navy Uniform Jumpers – Worn comfortably across the bust without binding at armholes. An inverted sleeve crease extending down the arms at the in and outside edges.
  • Navy Uniform Neckties – Wear under the collar with the front slightly above the top of the shirt. We are able to perform alterations on slimming and shortening ties.
  • Navy Uniform Buttons – Navy Uniform Shirts Winter Blues – Navy Uniform Utility Khakis – Navy Uniform Summer Whites – Skirts – Slacks – Sweaters – V-Necks – Trousers – Pants – Shorts Etc.

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