Costs can add up very quickly. Here is our suggestions for helping you search for the perfect wedding dress and visualize the entire process:

  1. Think of the wedding dress your want and list out the qualities AFTER performing some research. You may search for:
    1. Common wedding dress styles
    2. Latest wedding gown trends
    3. Amazing Bridal dresses
  2. Then we suggest you list the shape that would best fit your body.
    1. Input the numbers into Google or search for the best dresses for my body shape to compare
    1. Head to a local tailor shop near me this should find something near you. Or if you are nearby our Twin-cities tailor shop for bridal dress measurements. You may bring what your dress boutique is searching for but our 10+ point system will have you covered from top to bottom. Always check to see if your local tailor shop needs an appointment.
    2. Time to go back to the drawing board:  
  3. After figuring out what is needed for your wedding dress we suggest you save the top 5 brands of bridal gowns and 10 of the latest styles this will give you a budget range. List it out.
    1. Cost of the dress full price.
    2. Local bridal salons that carry your dress.

This is just one part to the cost of your dress remember a full dress would assume the following costs perspectively depending on season and the styles:

  1. Cost of the wedding dress
  2. Cost of the dress accessories such as: Bridal belts, wraps / shawls
  3. Cost of wedding dress alterations. Find a wedding dress alterations tailor nearby
  4. Cost of shoes
  5. Cost of undergarments. Ask your tailor about having bust cups installed into your wedding dress. It will be less of a headache the day of the wedding! Read our next blog about having wedding dress alterations.

We could get more technical about hair and nails. But this should have you set.

We wish you well in your adventure for shopping for your wedding dress. Contact Cheung’s Tailor Alterations for a free consultation or if you are out of state we always welcome an email to provide more suggestions.