Ladies welcome! We just wanted to share some more insight about the wedding industry and how we are able to encourage you to do more research and think about your dream dress!  Much of our advice goes along similar industries even when shopping for your bridesmaid dresses and their styles or for the men searching out their suits and tuxedos. In our next few blogs we’re going to just provide some more insight!

You should limit your group size:

Not in the sense that you should limit your wedding party or your friends. But only when you’re shopping. We’ve all been there. Someone will comment this is cute, that’s is beautiful we should buy this etc. There would be too many opinions when shopping for your wedding dress. We encourage parties to split up their duties so everyone should feel important. Remember the final decision is yours to make take the opinions and then sort out what you love. But make decisions that you won’t regret just love it! You can’t be everywhere for your bridesmaid so just split things up here are couple ideas to delegate.

  • Bridesmaid dress shopping
  • Sorting locations and researching for cakes / invites and locations
  • Wedding dress alterations
  • Wedding dress shops
  • Wedding day hair dos
  • Wedding nail salons

Everyone is going to be busy. So don’t feel bad if this is properly planned no one will feel neglected.

Cost of Wedding Dresses

Over the last 2 decades a lot has changed for us at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations. From where parties are shopping for dresses we use to have a lot of brick and mortar stores such as David’s Bridal but many of those stores have down sized to even having at home fittings such as that by Kennedy blue where bridesmaid dresses may be tried on at home. Here are some things besides purchasing a new wedding dress.

Dresses are more than likely only worn once. For one day you can have the dress of your dreams with amazing wedding dress alterations for the perfect fit. Sometimes it’ll be a perfect fit to start! But this can be as much as only half the cost of the original designer price tags.

When shopping for your dress always ask about prices or be wearisome if stores do not list them on their products. From an industry standard it is appropriate to leave it on a dress but many stores are hesitant for brides to go find a competitive price elsewhere. Here are some ideas to search for less expensive wedding dresses and where bridal dress alterations are also an amazing idea.

  • Local purchases online: we have seen the Craigslist listings or local listing on your garage sale websites on Facebook.
  • Vintage dresses from Mom or Grandma have it modernized through expert vintage wedding dress alterations.
  • Friends – got a friend who recently got married see what they have. Also make sure you inspect the dress and ask if alterations have been performed.

Did you know in 2014 an average wedding dress cost $1,357.00? Keep costs low if you are looking to spend more elsewhere for the wedding.