It would be an absolute nightmare to walk down the aisle and your dress slipped off if you accidently stepped on it. Well this is when brides should have thought about having wedding dress alterations performed, check out our blog about that.

But we believe that every dress and bride need a little more support underneath. Especially some times if you’re shooting for a certain shape for your wedding dress. Remember to bring your own bra or body shaper prior to shopping for your wedding dress fitting. The following are some ideas we want to share about having undergarments for the right dress. Contact a nearby tailor in Minneapolis if you would like more suggestions.

Wanting to show a little more?

If you are shopping or thinking of having a bridal gown with a very deep V-neck we personally suggest having a bra with a special cutout in the front to help accommodate with low necklines. Ensure a breathable and tight fit. This will be essential form fitting dresses. As well as the color, many will be white, beige, or dark. Think about the color dress prior to purchasing. Search some ideas here.  Also remember to sit and see how the fabric reacts to your body shape.

Does your bridal gown stick tightly to your stomach area?

If you would like to shape out your wedding gown some more though we would suggest having your wedding dress altered more in the waist line there is another option in addition to having a better fit. Check out thong high waist cinchers, these will help smoothen out and pull together your problem areas. Look for ones with a seamless finish. Last thing you want if you do plan to switch out your wedding dress with a simpler reception dress is to have the seams showing in front.  

Classical strapless necklines:

Over the last decade at our tailor shop we have seen a lot of change in styles of what women want. From sleeves, strapped, halter or strapless wedding dress alterations being the most popular. If you wish to have the classic strapless neckline we encourage you to think about having a bra that grips on from the inside as much as possible. This is like a corset bodice. Always do not just think of the front of your dress, if you plan to have a wedding dress with a lower back check to see if a nearby tailor can create a panel for you. This is to hide the back if you do have a corset.

A snug fit on the upper body:

This couture style look would be wonderful for wedding dress that need a little more support with the upper-body undergarments to smooth out the back. Always remember on your wedding dress you should after zippering up the back if it is a lower cut and strapless to even distribute and smooth out your back. We believe that a couture type slip with be very well fitting.

Not all dresses need an undergarment, they are many times optional:

Many wedding dresses already have a lot of shape to them especially well fitted dresses with boning. But many other times you do not want to have shapes that create unnecessary seams or bulging. We share couple ideas if you do have bust cups placed into your wedding dress during alterations.  

  • They should always feel natural
  • The colors should not be showing out in front. We have seen hundred of improperly sewn bust cups in the past. For 90% of wedding dress alterations they can be sewn between the fabric material. This ensures that nothing shows out front. It is some times if the top of the wedding dress becomes to sheer or lace like it is tough but they will be sewn on the fabric material interiorly
  • Make sure bust cups don’t show on the side of your breast.

Continue your dress shopping adventure! Please let us know if you’re searching for a tailor nearby, unless you are in the midwest states we always encourage free consultations in store at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations.