So in our last blog we’ve looked at the suit jacket types let think about the fit! You’re never really well equipped with a suit unless you’ve achieved a comfortable fit. The suit should make you who you really are. Below are just a few types of overall fits:

Slim Fit:

Just like the name of the fit, a slim is generally closer to the body. Without the extra fabric and bagginess of the middle it should feel more like a bodysuit. This type of fit may fit a lot of different individual types generally more slim, a little built on the top. It’ll make you look taller!

Classic Fit:

Classic fit is like your lounging suit, the feeling of a comfort and ease of wearing it all day without any feelings of restriction. Generally the cut from the chest and the waist is less contouring but you still are able to maintain a clean body shape. This suit fits those traveling a lot and want something easier to move in.

Modern Fit:

This type of fit should feel like an “in between,” of the previous two. It should not feel too boxy nor square but should allow a little more room than your typical slim fit. This is perfect for the guy looking to have a more fashionable look but would not like it to be too slim nor too baggy. Remember these styles are applicable to different type of suits so sometimes a slim may be great with a one button on you or two button will be great on the modern fit.

Next time you’re out shopping for a suit jacket, make sure you think about the fit and ask yourself a series of questions. Mainly how does it fit? The look is very important but there are always ways to perform custom suit jacket alterations on your overall look.

Possibilities include taking in the back seams, shortening the sleeves, suit jacket shortening the hem. Check out our men’s alterations page for more details!

Our next blog will look at the different styles of lapels stay tuned!