The following helps you detail the different styles of lapels detailed in your suit jacket:

There are many factors to consider before choosing the type of suit and the look of each lapel. Think about the setting/ occasion you’re attending, the type of suit you’re hoping to wear because not all lapels work for every suit, then lastly, your body type.

Notch Lapel:

A notch lapel suit jacket is defined by where the top of the collar has a lapel connect to it at approximately a 75-90 degree angle. This may also be referred as a stepped lapel, where the top meets the bottom for a reason. This is most often found in a single breasted suit jacket, suit blazers, and sport coats. If there is a reason to own just one suit, this is the type you should go with. A slim notch or a thinner version of a lapel works well with slim suits and works really well for the slimmer body types.

Peak Lapel:

A peak lapel on a suit jacket is normally “pointed,” where the edge of the suit sticks out. This type of suit lapel is very traditional to formals or may be generally worn on garments with tail coats. This type of lapel does require the most amount of skills and generally the most expensive to manufacturer. A slim peak may be an option for those wanting something closer and slimmer body types. This would be perfect for those on formal occasions such as dinners, weddings and a black tie event.

Shawl Lapel:

Like it may sound a shawl lapel is a wrap around the suit jacket. This is generally accompanied by a rounded edge of the lapel continuous on the suit without any breaks or points such as the previous two. While rare that you would see a shawl lapel other than a tuxedo, this may be worn for galas, weddings, or black tie events.

When it comes to lapels here is a general rule of thumb for the width of suit jacket lapels:

  1. Slim suit jackets: Lapels should be approximately 2.25” to 2.75” wide.
  2. Regular suit jackets such as your modern fits: Lapels should be approximately 3.00” to 3.50” wide.
  3. A classical fit or a wider suit jacket fit (or 2 button suit jackets): Lapels should be approximately 3.75” to 4.50”

So whether you hoping to look great for just your daily wear or looking for something to wear to a wedding think about the overall look and fit of your suit jacket. Have questions about your suit jacket? Give Cheung’s Tailor Alterations an email or a call and see what we are able to do for you!