For those who have already started shopping for their wedding dresses in our next series of posts we’re educating you on the possibilities of what can be done for your dress alterations and when it comes to tailoring how to find what’s available. Obviously it would be amazing if we could all avoid alterations, but in the US sizes are made usually Small, Medium, Large or 0-20+. Dresses or clothing for that matter of fact is not made small, medium and something for Ali. This is where professional alterations from Cheung’s Tailor Alteration come in. We perform a wide variety of alterations from:

  • Flower Girl Dress Alterations
  • Bridesmaid Dress Alterations
  • Wedding Dress Alterations
  • Mother of the Bride/ Groom Alterations
  • Dress Alterations for guest & how you can recycle your dress through alterations!
  • The guys! Alterations and picking out the perfect suit!

Our rule of thumb generally is, if the piece can be made it can be remade. So for most dresses a professional dress seamstress is able to help you make it fit your perfectly as much as possible. There are exceptions and we will discuss that in these blogs.

We’ll start with understand the different shapes of dresses, move on to the different styles of neck lines, the types of dresses/ skirts and the possibilities of alterations. Each one of our blog posts will follow a very easy format for user readability. For a majority of these blog posts we’re instilling our professional opinions, at no point does it mean this is either the only possibility for your dress. We’ll do our best to explain that throughout the posts. But for 100%  of dresses alterations are possible and interchangeable. So if you find a dress alteration for something specific in one post, it may be possible on another style. Each of the most important services in a dress generally pertain to the top. So we’ll talk about tips when shopping for your bridal dress and how to find a better fit with alterations.

If you have any question s or would like to make an appointment for a consultation we recommend you contact us at [email protected]. Please visit our portfolio in the following pages:



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