Getting your pants hemmed is very normal! Ever wonder though what more there is to getting your pants hemmed? As a rule of thumb for Cheung’s Tailor Alterations – if it can be made, it can be remade from seam to seam. So today we’d like to demystify a little more of what is possible and not when it comes to alterations of your pants just the hem and also what is possible to get tailored overall!

Ever seem like your trousers or jeans are just a little too baggy in the legs, or too long? Well when things are mass produced the issues arise include the fact that many individuals may have the same sized waist but vary in height thus when shopping for your next pair of pants you’ll notice that there are pants for example with the same waist size but vary in length such as 30”x31”, 30”x32”, 30”x33”, 30”x34” etc. But still that does not mean it’s the perfect length. Well fitted pants are generally custom made or have been tailored to the right fit. So whether in the future your pants have hems that include the following or you which to include the following a master tailor should be able to perform:

  • Original hemming (European hem) Retention of the original stitching on the hem
  • Replace elastic on hem – for your elastic pants
  • Double stitching – skilled tailors are able to perform double stitching on your pants to make it look even more authentic
  • Creation of vents – Some hems have vents between 3-4” inches this is for both styles and comfort in athletic shorts
  • Hemming from pants to shorts
  • Creations of cuffs on hemming – performed by both hand or understitching
  • Addition or replacement of zippers – Some snow pants have zippers to get those boots out during the winter months.
  • Draw stings – similar to strings in your hoodie having a custom draw string is perfect of bikers who don’t which to get their pant legs caught in the pedal.

When it comes to just a pant bottom or hemming we call it you may call it simply shortening we’ve provided you 8 different possibilities when it comes to just the pants. As for the overall pants that need alterations did you figure there is more possibilities?! Of course! Here’s a simpler list of what is possible when it comes to tailoring your pants on the overall cohesive look:

  • Tapering the pant legs to make them more narrow from top to bottom or from knee down.
  • Take in the waist – creation of both the darts or take in the waist through the band down the rise.
  • Replacement of the zipper – be careful more distinct stitching may be lost through this process.
  • Replacement of the snap – and patching holes
  • Patching holes in jeans or redesigning your style!
  • Replace and patching belt loops – you’d be surprised how often this breaks down!
  • Restiching pants – less expensive trousers made improperly may include stitching that’s too far apart causing the ability to be torn, you may get them restitched.

Whew! We’ll who doesn’t wear bottoms right, when it comes to tailoring and alterations the possibilities are endless. At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we make the possibilities available to your imagination!

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