It’s that exciting time of the year again to plan for prom! Learn from experts at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations, your local tailors nearby in the Twin-Cities the dos and not to dos in searching for your prom dress this year.

Setting a budget:

We understanding that Prom is an exciting time for everyone in highschool. There’s also Sadie Hawkins and Home Coming etc. What we’re saying is besides that one night a year make sure you are setting a budget for your Prom Dress Shopping. There may be other dances and parties throughout the year. So if you are a planner, having a Summer job or looking to do extra chores at home can help you save us for the perfect night to dance.

Visiting local Facebook marketplaces:

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to browse Prom Dresses, Sell Homecoming Dresses and Buy Dresses in general. Though we certainly caution at purchasing dresses online, a plus side of the online marketplace for buying a prom dress you are able to see if it may just be another classmate you know! Always make sure you meet in a public location and try on the dress prior to making the purchase. You may want to visit a local mall or local tailor to see if you are able to use a fitting room to try on the prom dress.

What to make sure of prior to purchasing your prom dress online:

  • It would be courteous to make sure that the Prom Dress is clean, washed and pressed prior to your purchase.
  • Minor damages to the prom dress: Everything worn may have some minor wear and tear, don’t expect things to be in pristine shape.  There is always the possibility to visit your local tailor, just be courteous especially during busier seasons this is an option make sure you check. But the local malls are always open.
  • Discuss alterations: Not only are most garments produced overseas. Most are not meant to fit you specifically. Kindly check with the last individual to see what alterations were possibly performed then you can see if there are things you can potentially have added or removed from the dress. Our goal is to always help the clients save money, so make sure if you think you need alterations that you are 110% ready for this as part of your budget. Check out the most common alterations for Prom Dresses.

Searching local dress consignment stores

Local consignment stores normally have a vast selection of prom dresses, dance dresses and everyday sundresses. Prior to searching at a local dress consignment store do some research online and find three qualities in a dress you are looking for, stick to it or you will spend too much time in one location if you cannot find what you are looking for. Make sure there is some compromise in a second set of options too if the first one doesn’t work out. Here are some examples:

  1. Color of your Prom Dress – Are you particular to the color of dress you’re hoping to purchase? Maybe this year’s high school prom night theme is related to something you’re hoping to find.  
  2. Overall Style of your Prom DressAre you searching for something to fit you a certain way? Certain styles and fits may accentuate prominent features you want such as having a slit in the side of the dress, a Mermaid prom dress for it’s style and design. Lot’s of things to think about when it comes to the finding the right style fit, check out this blog regarding types of body shapes.
  3. Long Dress or a Short Dress: Both style of dresses have positives and negatives. Normally prom is between March through May months of the year. This time of the year may also be rainy and cold. Having a long dress may not be fully idea for those situations but there may always be a dress bustling. Short dresses may be easy to maneuver in but may also get quite cold in.

Most common Prom Dress Alterations  

  • Bust Cups: The bust cups that normally installed within a prom dress are mass manufactured and may not be exactly “form fitting,” having more curvature from bust cups is not only an option, but also saves you from the headache of remembering a bra the night of prom.
  • Prom Dress Hemming: Hemming a prom dress is not necessarily complex. But it is also not as simple as cut and sew. From the number of layers, style, design, embellishments such as beading and lacing all this changes the complexity of your prom dress. From your local prom dress best tailors, we always suggest keeping things minimal. Less layers, less design and embellishments can still make a prom dress wonderful but once you start getting over 2.5 to 3 inches too long having a prom dress hem is always an option.
  • Shortening Prom Dress Straps: Quick and effective options to your prom dress alterations, not only is this able to shorten the hem by a potential 1-2 inches, it helps raise the bust line and overall fit. We also need to note it’s not always an option depending on the arm holes and how tight your prom dress may already be.

In the end, wherever you find your Prom Dress, have fun, go with your friends and do not go too crazy on the dress itself. It will get expensive once you start to incorporate the cost of heels, make up, purse, Prom Dress Alterations and other accessories.

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