So prom is about to happen this week, we’ve blogged about what the ladies and guys should do and if things are planned well here are some more pro tips from your local tailor!

Before Prom:

Let’s assume this is the week before prom here are some items you want to make sure you are prepared with. Life with school is busy so let your pro prom dress tailor get things started for you!

Try on your garments whether it’s the Prom Dress or the Suit:

For the ladies, make sure everything fits and that you have things in order from top to bottom. This includes and not limited to your prom dress accessories, the prom dress itself, any undergarments you may need and you heels – shoes – or flats. Trying on your garment is essential in making sure that you may not need a broken zipper repaired on your prom dress  the morning of or needing sequins sewn in since they accidentally torn off.

Getting Pampered:

Visit your local nail salon and hair salon . Preferably visit a salon you have been to before or if you are on a budget look at spending a little more on nail polish and offset the cost of visiting a local salon by doing it yourself. As for getting your hair done do some research a couple weeks prior to explore prom hair dos then find a local salon to see if this is something they are able to do.

Day of Prom:


No one likes the same pictures, do your research and figure out what type of pictures you’re looking for. Talk with your date and agree on something fun! Finding the perfect location during this time maybe tough as other local high school proms are happening as well, so if your group is small maybe this is something you can do prior to prom.

Being prepared:

You may have heard of Tide To Gos for those unexpected moments for quick simple fixes. Well what your alterations pros say you should remember also a few of the following – all which fit perfectly into a small purse or clutch:

  • Safety Pins:

Have a few safety pins readily available in various sizes can help in moments if a zipper breaks, tear in your prom dress or a quick repair to your suit, things happen being prepared for it is best.

  • Threaded Needle:

If preparing for an exam at school may not be tough enough, at your local Prom dress tailor they suggest having couple threaded needs ready attached to a business card is the best quick repair solutions do avoiding Prom night issues!

Day After Prom:

Whew, you’re exhausted we know!  All the planning, dancing and the night is finally over. You most likely have Saturday or Sunday to relax. For the gentlemen renting suits make sure you return yours in a timely manner.

Dry cleaning:

Bringing your garments a local Tailor/ Dry cleaner is always a great option to ensure that your dress or garment may be placed back into its pristine state. Some rental companies require you to ensure that the garment piece is clean and original. So instead of getting charged by your rental company you can bring your garments to a local tailor shop for quick garment repairs, such as restitching a seam or sewing back down a button.

Rent it out or sell your dress:

Prom is over. Either this is something you can sell to a friend, donate to a local dress charity or sell in the online prom dress marketplace. Styles don’t change too much within the first year or two make some money back on what you spent or if you feel you’re in love with your dress visit your local alteration pros and get it tailored to fit you in another style!  

Hope you’ve had a great time at prom! If you need some advice on your prom dress alterations find Cheung’s Tailor Alteration located in beautiful part of the Twin-Cities in Minnesota!