How about your waist size? Many might. Do you know your shoe size? Many of us do. How about your out seam? Some, but many might not. When it comes to shopping lot of us love searching for something new to add to our wardrobe or a you might find something and it may not necessarily fit right. Especially when it comes to things off the rack.

Well at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we have a simple solution for you. Before getting things off the rack or custom made it’s always good to have prior knowledge of your personal measurements before shopping. At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we perform custom dress measurements. Always keep in mind though different designers and styles can differ on fit and size. We always recommend have a professional tailor or seamstress to help perform your measurements.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to measurements:

-Ensure there isn’t too much slack

-Ensure it isn’t pulled too tight

-Always stand straight and parallel with the ground

A typical measurement may vary from shops and individuals, we’ve placed a list of things to look for below:

Custom Dress Measurements:

Bust Size: A measurement around your chest, at the fullest point of the bust.

  1. Waist Size: While standing up, depending on the crease of your form this is your natural waist level.
  2. Hip Size: Standing with your feel together, measure around the fullest part of the hips.
  3. Length: Your length from said arms, chest, body, legs and knee down.

As a matter of practice many boutiques or designer bridal shops if you have custom measurements according to a size chart of:

Bust: Size 14

Waist: Size 12

Hips: Size 10

They may advise you to purchase and order a size 14. It’s generally true that it’s simpler and less expensive to take down a dress in size than to go up in size. While gussets, panels, and corsets are always a choice, if your goal is not to change the style of the dress go larger than smaller.

Like we said earlier, sizes vary due to the design and manufacturer. It is not uncommon to find the same dress and have it fit differently. Especially wedding apparel!

Don’t define you measurements by just Small, Medium, or Large etc. Time frame for most measurement fittings are about 10-15 minutes!