Want to continue to enjoy summer looking fashionable in your dresses – let Cheung’s Tailor Alterations help you with your fit! Today marks one month since summer has begun but I know it feels more like we’re half way through it. Today’s blog is dedicated to the styles of the summer and some tailoring and alterations that can be done.

Stripped Dresses!  Classic sun dresses or slip on wears are a great way to look stylish and match a variety of colors. Whether you’re planning to brighten up your day in the sun a bright and bold colored dress would be great for cruises and vacations.

Plaid Dresses! Thing of the button down loose fits or the skirts for this summer, a youthful look with lighter colors that can help look stunning in this years’ warmer weathers. A classical plaid print can be worn in a variety of ways.

Micropleats Dresses! Ever seen a dress with larger pleats? Well think of that now with pleats everywhere. A thinner material with a shape to fit any silhouette, micropleated dresses give that flow and lighter look to the dress. Great for walks along the beach front.

Sparkling Dresses! We don’t need to celebrate holidays when they come by, celebrate with amazing colors with sequins and sparkles. Go festive, have the colors shimmer for your day out and enjoy the outdoors. Pair it in a dress or a top with a skirt or skorts. Probably not the best for the hottest days out.

Patterned Dresses! Trying to look more colorful without the sequins or shapes? Well think of patterned dresses with floral designs or cool mismatched patterns. Great for casual day wear and very in tune with nature – maybe a day out to your local conservatory or zoo.

Ruffled Dresses! This may not be for everyone, but with some styled statement necklaces, earrings, or even paired with a simile wristlet we think ruffles are nice. A fall between not having too much flow but a little bit. Mix it up with designs and wear it as a one piece or a ruffled top. We’ve seen ruffled shoulders with padding or longer skirts with a smaller ruffle get creative.

Think about all the cool things your local tailor and alteration experts can do for you. From simple changes on the sequins, redesigning your dresses with the ruffles, creating a new style with what you have in your wardrobe. At a tailor near me, Cheung’s Tailor Alterations can help you also with simple repairs too! Tear a seam? Need a new zipper replacement, how about a button or steaming in those pleats? We’re here for you!