Let’s talk. Your now fiancé proposed, you’re still thinking what’s happening, what to do and how to approach everything. Well don’t worry we can help you figure out the dress part! We would suggest that you check out our previous posts to think about your bridesmaid dresses. But this blog piece is meant for you! Yes the bride! Congratulations by the way!  Depending on when you’re planning your wedding – maybe it’s soon this Fall let’s talk wedding dress trends this year.

This year has been spectacular. Especially when it comes to all the different styles we’ve had come through our local tailor shop. Alterations is normal, we’ll help you think about what to expect when choosing your dresses and also what is possible for those who plan to purchase a dress online (which is okay! Boutique shops do this all the time, but when it comes to fit it may change so find reputable companies.)

Spectacular styles this year included a large line of new styles that focused on the classical, modern and romantic wedding dresses we know brides will adore. Many dresses this year focused on creating new layers ad full of different laced and floral dimensions to have the dress flow. Overskirts have been popular as well to create a nice silhouette and an illusion of that flow. We’ve performed tailoring a bustle both over and underneath such as loops to create that pinned up or layered flow underneath.

Designer dresses this year also gravitated towards lighter materials crafting elegant designs without the need of extra beading and rhinestones to make the dress “pop,” because your wedding day is focused on you! Other suggestions to make your dress continually flow also include feathers, layers of tulle, silk and organza to create a fuller fill underneath.

Let’s think about what you want we’ve help you to brainstorm some dress styles before you being. They’re in no particular order but if you follow your choices you will find yourself saving a lot of time in the end.

  • Shoulders or no shoulders
  • Lace or no lace
  • Strapless or strapped – Halter, floral top, beaded.
  • Long train or not
  • Tulle or not
  • Long sleeves or none

That was a great start! Well depending on whatever you choose know that Cheung’s Tailor Alterations is here for you the entire way. We are able to help you create the dress of your dreams. Whether it’s removing certain areas or adding in something you’ve seen in the magazines. Ensure that the dress fits majority in the top if possible if not please check out our list of alteration services and specifically for dresses. Here is a list of common wedding dress alterations we perform for clients.

  • Hemming (Beaded, lace, single to multiple layered, floral)
  • Shortening Straps
  • Addition of gussets on sides from bust down
  • Addition of bust cups
  • Addition of floral or rhinestones
  • Wedding dress bustling

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