Needing your wedding dress tailored? Looking for Wedding dress alterations near you? Well at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we are continually helping the public out. Hopefully this blog piece can help your next search for a wedding dress and finding a professional wedding dress seamstress.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! It’s a wonderful start to the Wedding Season at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations and we just want to provide you with some insight this year if you’re getting married and searching for your dress!

We’ve talked about purchasing and searching for a dress for prom and bridesmaids in the past. We’ll take some of what we’ve learned there and apply some of the same ideas here. This is merely just a quick walk through on how to search out the right size – not the style, not the color, & not something we could suggest without seeing how it looks. This year has been unique a majority over 50% of the wedding dresses we’ve worked on this year has been a lot of vintage lace and either extreme with a longer train or very simple with just a straight bottom. Whatever you choose start with this.

  1. Get some wedding dress tailor measurements performed:

Understanding more about your size can help you with number 2 below and also while shopping what to search for in different areas.

  1. Research, Research & ….Research wedding dress styles for your size:

We’re all different, it’s natural. There are some dresses that just don’t work or some that look absolutely amazing on your figure! So check out some dress styles and…

  • Write down the brands
  • Write down the color and style
  • Do some more research on which wedding dress boutique sells your style
  1. Appointments:

From your research you’ll find some have great deal of information online, others not as much. So give them a call figure out your appointment and where you could go and what their company procedures are. It’s a busy season so if you’re able to start searching for your wedding dress do it sooner than later.

  1. Wedding Dress Tailors:

Research is always good, our goal is to demystify the industry more. Since this is our area let us help you focus on the following do’s and don’ts.

  • Professional wedding dress tailors: Take time, figure out who has experience in this field and go in to discuss what needs to be done with your wedding dress. Bring the dress in
  • Don’t ask about prices over the phone. That’s like diagnosing your car troubles but not seeing what is wrong with your car. There’s thousands of makes, models, sizes etc. that affects the pricing.
  • Master tailors can do it all: This is true, when it comes to wedding dress tailoring, custom wedding dresses and alterations some specify what they can and cannot do. Ask for recommendations. But if they are able to make you a custom wedding gown, you can be fairly sure they should be able to perform alterations on your wedding dress.
  • Don’t bring all your bridesmaids: Mom, a friend, or one bridesmaid for support is nice. But having a team of people is too many opinions. Some times positive some times negative. If you know what YOU want, stick with it. Tailors are professionals who know what they’re performing and abilities of what is possible. Ask questions and see if what you’re envisioning is or not.
  • Look at a portfolio: We have a portfolio of thousands of dresses we’ve altered and tailored in the past 6-7 years. When it comes to the portfolio you may find something you enjoy and have similarities on your wedding dress needing tailoring.
  • Don’t wait: But also don’t worry, it is a busy season. We’ve performed wedding dress alterations in hours before but these are special circumstances. Professional wedding dress tailors like us are able to perform things last minute but it may not be true for everyone so don’t leave it to last minute if possible.
  • Do ask questions: Professional wedding dress tailors generally take only one fitting. You time is valuable but if they were highly skilled it should take once. Special situations such as removing a lot of fabric or adding in gussets to fit the dress would though require another fitting. With that knowledge in mind as these questions.

You’ve understood a lot more than you probably did 15 minutes ago. If you are searching for a dress or looking for wedding dress tailoring or finding a wedding dress seamstress near me give Cheung’s Tailor Alterations a call today! These tips also work really well for prom dress tailoring, suit alterations, your bridesmaids, and also groomsmen. So share the love if you have any question please contact us at [email protected]