It’s that time of year again, prom 2016! A wonderful time to be with your best friends, hang out, look fashionable and dance! For many high school seniors it may be their last and the beginning to 3 more for freshmen it’s an exciting time of year and a lot to plan for. Today we are highlighting ways of looking for your next prom dress and what to expect. We’ll highlight understanding your body figure, how to find the right dress, and all the amazing things you can do with your prom dress!

At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we can help you fit all varying body types no matter how unique. We are able to also restyle any way you see it as well. We’ll help you feel more unique and fit into the most flattering of dresses. Below we’ve arranged a more in-depth understanding of different figures to help you think about how to choose the proper dress that will fit you the best.

Different Body Types For Prom Dresses:

Busty Figure Prom Dress Types:

The busty body figure would be a large bust, slimmer hips and a waist area that may not be well defined. In dressing for this type of body figure, it’s best to draw more attention to the top to balance the broader upper body ad to create more of an hourglass figure. This is usually achieved by picking out a prom dress that adds curves to the hip area to create a better defined hip.

An ideal dress type to look for may be a bodice that provides added support. Other looks and great styles may include dresses with wide shoulder straps enough to mask undergarments. Another idea would be to have sewn in bust cups performed by any great tailors. Avoid spaghetti thin straps or those with higher necklines this could give an illusion to even larger busts. Other types of prom dresses to think about may be an A-line type or short dress for those who want to show off those legs.

Apple Figure Prom Dress Types:

An apple figured body type is where she may carry weight through the middle section of the body. As an apple figure type this individual would typically have slimmer legs and a shorter and less defined waistline. There are a great selection of dresses and styles to fit this figure. Look at opting out of prom dresses that draw attention to the mid-section area. But highlight other areas of the figure such as the shoulders, legs, and arms. Those with an apple body type will look gorgeous in both long and short prom dresses may they be with straps, no straps or just one strap. Do not constrict the midsection area but search for a flowing prom dress with a weaved bodice, ruffled style or even laced.

Slender Figured Prom Dress Types:

A slender prom dress figure would be a slimmer or thin frame. For this body type one should accentuate the lean body type and search for a fitted dresses. In doing so they are able to create more shape to the waist area and match it with an asymmetrical neckline. No figure is considered a challenge it truly comes down to comfort and an illusion of what you’d like to accentuate. To begin we may suggest searching for a dress that give more attention to two areas; the neckline and waist. Then you may think about finding prom dresses with more fabric above or below the waist area. Great prom dress ideas include two-pieces with a full skirt with an open back, long mermaid prom dresses, and even a trumpet skirt this will help give more of a curvier figure.

Hour Glass Figured Prom Dress Types:

The hourglass figure is usually a more curvy type. In which the bust and hip areas are parallel and proportionate to your body. The bust along with the lower body is well balanced with the length of the legs. A great dress would be to choose one that helps the well-defined waist area. From fitted prom dresses, v-necks or an open neck line for those who may want to or not want to cover up the top area. Finding a dress may be cumbersome, with the help of professional stylist they may be able to help you choose and showcase what you love. Look also into trumpet skirts or those with a lean fit towards the bottom, these prom dresses will help you fit and dance comfortably.

Pear Figured Prom Dress Types:

A pear shaped prom dress is a body type in which the hip area is larger than the bust area leaving the waist area more defined. With this body figure the waist area is your best asset so wearing something to help add volume to the bust and upper body will help place less emphasis on the lower body and create more of a balanced look. Searching for this dress type we would suggest looking for a dress with either an open neckline or a strapless top. Dresses that have free flowing bottoms will also help camouflage your lower body area. Show off your prom dress maybe select something with a sting one sided strap, long sequin dress or a nice chiffon A-line dress.

Petite Figured Prom Dress Types:

Petite figured body types are for those who want to show a little leg. With a short dress this can go a long way. Not only will it help you look taller but with an asymmetrical hemline and less net or volume on the dress you’ll also look a bit slimmer. For this type we’d say avoid a longer dress, ball gowns, or skirts with full netting. Sometimes simple is more. Check out prom dresses with great prints and designs or a lace dressed with simple beading. Other creative styles we can tailor for prom dresses is to create an open back with a corset style.

Choosing your style:

So we looked at both extremes how less is more for simple prom dresses or more is helpful for different body types. Less look at choosing a different style! Remember comfort is everything, never is something off the rack going to fit us the best, prom dress tailoring and prom dress alterations are necessary for most.  But we want to help you choose something that will fit the best with minimal changes.

Because there are thousands of different styles of prom dresses out there we want to highlight just a few different one that we’ve already looked at above. Each of the following styles may be made into your prom dress figure but they all serve a varying difference. Here are some prom dress styles and a description of what you could expect.

A-Line Prom Dresses: An A-line dress may be worn in gowns and formal dresses. They are designed to be narrow on the top and wider on the bottom on the dress.

Ball Gowns Prom Dresses: An extravagant dress tired with ruffles, tulle, or even cut out. Ball gowns are an elegant dress is for both classical and modern wear.

Cocktail Prom Dresses: These may be short dresses a unique mini dress that can be worn with lace, strapless, knee high.  Perfect halter tops and sleeveless prom dresses.

Empire Waist Prom Dresses: An empire waist means the line on the waist is raised to right below the bust line.

Lace Prom Dresses: Lace is a great way to add more style to the exterior of your prom dress. Lace can be sheer and vary in lengths.

Long Prom Dresses: These dresses are an elegant way to have varying lengths and styles of all types of figures.

Mermaid Prom Dresses: These sleek styles are hip hugging and flare out towards the bottom. With designs from top bottom to dresses from the bust to knee length.

Open Back Prom Dresses: A stunning way to show off more of your back. From short and formal dresses open backs are a great way to add more mobility to your night.

Prom Dress Alterations:

With different body types, thousands of different styles, we are Cheung’s Tailor Alterations.

At Cheung’s Tailor we specialize in tailoring your prom dress to help match you style, taste and fit. Though we encourage prom goers to find a dress that fits mostly everywhere there are going to be some minor alterations. With a portfolio of thousands we can also help consult you on what could help fit and make comfortable for the night of.

Here are a small lists of common services we perform for prom dress alterations:

  • Prom Dress Hemming
  • Prom Dress Restyling
  • Take in the prom dress at the waist
  • Replace zipper on prom dresses
  • Take up the shoulder on prom dresses
  • Add darts to back of prom dresses
  • Replace clasp on prom dresses
  • Remove netting on prom dresses
  • Restyle the bust of prom dresses
  • Add in bust cups of prom dresses
  • Add in beading/ rhinestones/ crystals to prom dresses

Though this is only a short list of alterations we can perform for prom dresses. We do offer free prom dress consultations so come on in and ask away! We have a portfolio of hundreds of pictures and serve prom dresses alterations from all high schools some even come as far as Wisconsin! So shoot us an email for your next project.

Here are some area high schools we do prom dress alterations for:

  • Anoka High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Blaine High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Andover High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Spring Lake Park High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Columbia Heights High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Fridley High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Centennial High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Irondale High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Fridley High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Francis High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Champlin Park High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Coon Rapids High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Elk River High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Totino-Grace High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Brooklyn Center High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Rogers High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Moundsview High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Osseo Senior High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Anthony High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Maple Grove High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • White Bear Lake High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Patrick Henry High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Roseville High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Chisago High School Prom Dress Tailor
  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul High School Prom Dress Tailor

The bottom line is comfort.  It will be a long day from afternoon prom pictures at the park, getting in and out of the limousine in your prom attire, the dinner party and of course the dance. Get your prom dress alterations and start fitting perfectly with Cheung’s Tailor today. Please check out our last blog about how to choose the right tailor for your prom dress alterations. 🙂 Happy face emoji.

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