For the next set of blogs we will look at pricing and misconceptions of your tailoring experience and again please check out this previous article back in February we wrote about on how to choose the right tailor. So if you’re ever searching out for a tailor near you, or professional seamstress for your alterations for Minneapolis Tailors this blog piece would be wonderful! 

Please read the past blog post first or you’ll miss out on a lot of information though I will do my best to help though in some key points. In the next few blogs we’ll discuss the pricing and misconception of the most common garments we help fix and the types of tailors that are in the industry. We’ll help review the follow:

-Wedding Dress Alterations – Your common seamstress / dressmaker/ tailor atelier

-Jean Alterations – Your most common garment pieces of daily wear

-Men and Womens Shirt Alterations- The common variations of button downs, to pull overs

-Jacket Repairs and Alterations – When it’s windy and cold things break if you use them often

Let’s discuss some common misconceptions we hear every day: (These are not reflective of us, but stories we hear from our clients. So we hope as we continually demystify the industry we can have others feel more knowledgeable prior to going into a tailor)

Why do you consider yourself the best? We don’t. We consider ourselves by the work and quality of garments we are able to produce. Awards do not make any tailor better than one another, but to us each piece tailored is considered special. Many would argue that their wedding dress or suit for an event is their one time and only piece for a wedding so it should be more special. A proper tailor will tell you that each time you walk out in your garment is considered special, since you are representing yourself. So through the work we perform we do only provide quality original work and friendly service.

Why do some places upsell services? Well it is a business. We at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations will never upsell a service. Even if a client told us something needs repair or fixing such as a zipper on a jacket we will take the due diligence to look at the garment first. Sometimes it just needs a new slider or maybe a tread was just caught in the way. This is why we provide free consultation services. When it comes to wedding dresses a tailor should provide logical opinions to the fit and style. If this was done, what would happen here etc.

Why is my experience than another tailor? Many tailors have their own way of doing business. Some could be an at home tailoring, others play high end boutique style, some are just really good honest tailors that work with you. We at Cheung’s Tailor only provide an honest experience. So please do your research if you’re paying a higher price entering a “nice looking,” tailor shop be wearisome. We answer ball park prices all over the nation and if you feel the need to contact us first, we’ll give you a proper reply.

Well my previous tailor did this… You may always question your tailor, as long as it makes sense. Many tailors have a style of properly doing something and we hope that their style is originality. Unfortunately we do fix a lot of garment pieces that  other tailors try and it may ruin your special day. So if it doesn’t look original ask why or better yet, this should be provided prior to the drop off when possible.

-Why do some fittings take several times? Skillsets. A proper tailor in their profession not only is able to provide you with one fitting but are also well versed in a majority of work from custom clothing making, wedding gowns, to a simple button. If you’re getting a dress completed, it should never take more than one visit. Proper tailors will understand not to waste your time and honestly many are very busy so it’s only a good idea to do it right the first time. We do though agree that due to many different styles and fabrics and the time frame it can take 2 fittings for one layer on a dress then the next.

-Should my wedding/ prom/ bridesmaid dress alterations take months? Well, no. But this is very vague it truly depends on when your wedding or event date is scheduled but for most tailors we feel 1-2 weeks depending on the project is more than ample time. Expert tailors are able to, with due diligence provide alterations within hours as well. Happy to say at Cheung’s Tailor we have performed this many times.

-Do you do your own tailoring? Woah stop! If you enter into a dry cleaner most of the time for chains they are considered a dry store – this means that the dry cleaning is performed in a warehouse offsite. As for tailoring unfortunately even though most dry cleanings say they do perform it, it’s tough to gauge the knowledge and skillset they do provide if the tailor is not there. So ask questions! Tailors may not be on site at some places but they should at least provide a reasonable amount of information when it comes to their services.

Why are their no common alteration prices? Well, this is a great questions. As if I asked why are their no common wedding dress prices. Things vary, prices do as well. From the style, make, stitching etc. Entering a tailor shop should be more answers than questions. Meaning the tailors should initiate comments before you ask them, educate you and provide more answers to start.

Always remember your wedding dress alterations and experience should be unique. Wait, scratch that each one of your visits to a tailor should be unique regardless of what the garment is. So if you’ve been to a chain dress boutique or high end tailor remember – tailoring shouldn’t be like that. It should be a comfortable experience and not hyped due to the location but rather the originality of their work and service.