Proper Care Of A Zipper Replacement – Changing Out An Old Zipper

Ever find yourself with a broken zipper due to a variety of the following situations?

  • Caught: Some zipper heads are too large, causing issues of fabric material to get “caught,” between the fabric and zipper. This can dislodge the zipper and create issues in the future.
  • Off track: Like the one above zippers over time, the tooth becomes worn down and the zipper head essentially falls off.
  • Splits: If a zipper begins to split the overall integrity of the zipper has become damaged, where the teeth are offset. Unfortunately this is no different from losing a tooth on the zipper itself.

Depending on how you use your zipper, we think of it like your annual or biannual teeth cleaning. You utilize them every day but sometimes you need to take extra care beyond just flossing and mouth rinses. So let’s talk about proper care from the use perspective.

Force: If it zipper does not zip. There is a reason. Don’t force the zipper to zip. Take a moment to look underneath the zipper, the tape or the zipper head and see why it’s stuck. This will help you understand why.

Exerting too much force can cause extra issues in the garment itself and potentially tear the material and snag it. Pull from the zipper head and guide the zipper properly.

Cleaning: Utilizing an old tooth brush, run the bristles simple up and down the tape edges, the middle of the zipper when it’s closed as well as the zipper itself when it’s opened. This is perfect for both metal and plastic zippers. Do not use too must water on zippers or soaps this could cause future rust and damage.

Lubricate: You may purchase zipper wax, primarily to ensure it slides really well. But even with candle wax or crayon wax running it through your zipper smoothly over time it not only helps keep dirt or grim off but provides the lubrication it needs. Be careful this is not necessary for nylon coil zipper and do not place lubricants or wax on garments that can easily stain or you wash regularly.

Extend the life of your zippers from pant zippers, jackets, to your duffle bags to avoid replacements.

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