Let me tell you with a little research there are plenty of amazing sites online that help with understanding your suit size. We’ve provide you a link to Brooks Brothers size chart because we believe they have a pretty cohesive chart regarding sizing for you sport coats, blazers & vests.

Remember our main goal is to have you understand more about your size and ensuring that the top fits more perfectly you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to alterations. Let us look at choosing a sport coat, blazing and vests. Have a professional such as Cheung’s Tailor Alterations perform some custom measurements. Then utilize the comparison chart to see whether you are a:

  • Short
  • Regular
  • Long
  • X-Long

Having a better fit not only can provide you comfort but some tailoring to your suit and find suit alterations are necessary. Have the sleeves and the back looked at generally you’ll have an excess of material. There is no one size fits all for you suits. Check out this chart below and if you know your chest measurements.

Men's Sizing Chart

Make sure you find the right measurements then choose your overall fit. For some men it may look better on you to have slimmer or classic fit suits but the occasion also matters. Once you’ve purchased your first suit you’ll get hooked and think about having one for different occasions!