Here is a continued list of normal alteration standards for military tailoring. Please note that each unit should have the solider look and professional uniform wear. Having professional military alteration services is necessary. If the following have changed please inform your tailor during your fitting.

General Uniform Suit Jacket Alterations: With your arms freely hanging, stand erect with your arms naturally to the sides. The proper sleeve length should be one inch under your wrist bone. Some individuals who wish to  show more of their shirt cuff would have their sleeves tapered. This would not be allowed for the United States Army Uniforms.

General Uniform Trouser/ Slacks Hemming: The crease on the front of your pants will reach the top of the instep, touching the tops of the shoe at the laces. They will be placed between the top of the heel and the top of the shoe back, with a potential of a slight break in the front.

General Uniform Hemming: There are two different types of hemming;

  • Knee-length: No more than 1” above or 2” below the center of the knee bone
  • Full-length uniform skirts: Hemmed bottoms should touch on the top of the pumps. Measure to make sure that you have the length on with you wearing your pumps.

 Army Uniform Alterations Officer Coats:

  • Uniform Sleeve braids – The bottom of the braid is to be sewn parallel to and 3” above the sleeve hem. Uniform braids are sewn around completely from the beginning and ending at the back or underneath the sleeve.
  • Uniform Shoulder Straps – Should strap clips are sewn onto the shoulders with the clip laying 3/8” of an inch from the should seam, towards the seam. Most shoulder straps have clips spaced 2.5” apart, so one of the clips would be sewn 1.5”.

 Army Enlisted Coats:

  • Army Soutache: With the bottom of soutache braid sewn parallel to the 3” above the sleeve hems. The soutache begins and ends at the rear seam of the elbow.
  • Hash Marks: Centered 4” from the bottom of the left sleeve at a 45 degree angle. Each one representing 3 years of service.
  • Army Uniform Patches / Army Uniform Chevrons / Army Uniform Insignias – This is centered between your sleeves of the top shoulder seam and the elbow. A tailor will properly measure this for you. As for Marine Uniforms this is different generally a little higher but 4 inches under.

 Army Overseas Service Bars For Uniforms:

  • Army Officer Coats: Centered on the bottom of the right sleeve with the lower edge positioned at ¼” above the sleeve braids.
  • Enlisted Officer Coats: Centered on the bottom of the right sleeve, with the lower edge positioned at 4” above and parallel to the sleeve hem.

Army Mess Jackets:

  • Officer Ranks: Worn vertically and centered in the wishbone shape, space created by the lower curves of the trefoil braid and the upper edge of the sleeve braid.
  • Enlisted Service Strips: Typically sewn from seam to seam, on the front of a sleeve. The bottom of the first stripe will be sewn and place around ¼” from the top of the soutache braid at the front seam or about 3.5” from the sleeve hem. The bottom of the first stripe will be 7.5” from the sleeve hem at the rear seam.

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