Happy Halloween! In this post we’ll be discussing zippers!

Zippers are an integral part of our daily garments and accessories that we use. Understand the uses, materials/ types and lastly how to properly care for your zipper ensures the longevity of each piece.

With the main zippers on the markets we have non-separating zippers known as a closed ended zipper or a separating zippers or an open ended zipper. Primary use are between pants and jackets respectively.

There are about 5 parts to every zipper. Let’s understand each part!

  • Tape: The part of the zipper that holds the chain or teeth of the zipper
  • Slider: The piece that brings together the zips of each side.
  • Chain: A types of zipper head that interlocks to hold your pieces together.
  • Pull tab: Attached to the slider of a zipper the pull tab makes it easier for you to bring together each side.
  • Stops: Both a top stop and bottom stop on separating zippers to ensure that the slider does not come off.
  • Teeth: Normally seen in separating zippers for jackets or heavy duty garments such as pants to duffle bags, the individual pieces that interlock.
  • Box/ pin: On a separating zipper the box and pin work as a interlocking device that slides into one another.
  • Heat Seal Patch: Due to the tape of a zipper being flimsy, the heat seal patch allows for the user to gently glide the zipper head into placement.

Due to the thousands of different styles of jackets and zippers in the world it’s hard to place a cost on a zipper replacement due to the amount of variation in what we call obstructions. The simplest of zippers would be a single layer sweater. This would be zipper that is just attached to one piece of fabric that is also very light. The next level would be zippers with hard to reach areas, backpacks and duffle bags many times fall onto this category. Leathers and thick Carhartt  zipper replacements are generally more heavy duty. Lastly, dresses and sportswear jackets with interior layers, 2 ways zippers, metals and snaps for wind guard are typical of heavier duty zippers where cost can vary.

With thousands of color choices and types of zippers in the world we encourage you to check out what you enjoy in your zipper the next time you plan to get a replacement or purchase a new zipper for your garment. At Cheung’s Tailor Alterations our expert zipper repair and replacement services are one of the best zipper repair tailors in the industry. Come on in for a free consultation and see how we many help you understand more about your zippers.

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