Most zippers are unique in the function of how they are used. Most types of zippers are considered heavier duty than another. From inexpensive nylon coil zippers that are used in most zippers in the US things we purchase. Though a majority of zippers may be replaced with a different quality of a zipper you may not want to and we’ll explain why.

The three major types of zipper materials:

Metal Chain:

Metal zippers could be used in a wide variety of daily wear and accessories from Carhartt jacket zipper replacements to your Levi Jean Zipper Repairs. With several different finishes. When we think heavy duty the metals come in varying finishes. Aluminum or Nickle – this is a finish that provides a nice “silver,” color finish.

Brass is typically made of a combination between copper and zinc, the primary achievement would be a “gold,” like finish. Utilized for more a shine on many materials.

Antique Brass – from the above it’s a worn or tarnished appearance that works really well for darker leather jackets. Chemically treated to provide an “older,” look.

Lastly, the black oxided look, a chemically treated chain to blend in or stand out in certain garment materials.

Molded Plastic Chain:

             A step up from your normal nylon coils. Fused together in a mold, the molded zippers can become incredibly strong depending how the teeth interline. This is why some times the larger the zipper does not mean it’s a better zipper. This would be great for heavy weighted garments or any outdoors application.

 Nylon Coil Chain:

             Based on the zipper tape, the piece that is sewn to the material of your garment. The plastic “twine,” is twisted and becomes more flexible for garments hoping to not be as visible in their use. From trousers to outdoor tents it’s light weight and flexible.

 Water Proof Zippers: 

To an extent. The zipper itself may be waterproof but the uses are more water resistant if you’re hoping to keep things dry. That would require several layers of protection. There are sealing adhesive types that allow you to add a “panel or door,” to any tent. This is primarily used in a winter jacket or water resistant materials. Not the best use for jackets that need to be breathable.

So when you’re at a tailor next time, think about the reasons you would change your zipper or the reasons to get a new zipper just over time.

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