Ever find yourself skiing and tear your jacket with a branch? Or how about the zipper splitting on your jacket? Or even dragging your snow bibs and pants on the ground? Well at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we’re your number one source for all alterations and tailoring services for winter wear. Here is just a small list of examples of what is possible when it comes to your winter gear specially snow bibs:

Snow Bibs / Outdoor Pants/ Waterproof Pants: In Minnesota we know a few things about the cold, we’ve lived through 25 years of it in the same location! From brands just as Lands End winter bibs, Duluth Trading Co, Volcom, and your snow boarding and outdoors winter pants such as FXR racing snow camos we can alter it all. Here are some of our typical alterations:

  • Hemming the bottom: When it comes to the bottom of your snow pants here are some moving pieces to think about when having it shortened:
    • The exterior design.
    • The type of fabric material: Generally Gore-Tex, Tyvek or a water proof or resistant material.
    • Snaps and elastics on the interior commonly referred to as the gaitor flap or snow guard.
    • Interior Insulations.

So if you were having the bottom hemmed up these are a variety of things that also need to be hemmed to ensured that the entirety of the pant bottom are the same length and proportional as original as possible.

Shortening the straps: When it comes to the straps on a winter snow bib there may be elastic also attached to the top. So depending on the style of your snow bib we would look to see if it would be possible to shorten as close to the chest or shoulder area or even the middle. Some clients may prefer to have this piece immobile so that would ensure that the length is always the same.

Letting out the sides or taking in the snow bibs: It happens to all of us! If you can’t find the best size to fit you even with having a couple layers on and still comfortable in what you wear at Cheung’s Tailor Alterations we can alter your snow bibs and snow gear to resize them small and larger. Generally to retain the design and overall integrity of a snow suit going smaller is possible but going larger we need to accept that the fabric material added will never look original but it will be unique. So this is why we suggest to our clients to purchase materials from their local fabric store. Here are couple ideas for enlarging the chest area of a snow bib:

  • Addition of commercial size velcro generally up to 2″, but leave the soft side towards you. This will ensure a good hold, but you also need to understand that you’re more than likely going to wear a jacket as well so it would look bad.
  • Gusset or side panels to your winter gear: This is usually a larger redesign process where additional material will be added. When it comes to panels or gussets it is typically better to have it go from large to small down into the waist. Depending on the design on your winter wear it may be let out differently.
  • Snaps: This idea is very similar to the velcro, the neat part of the velcro is being able to resize it. As for the snaps, it would be more difficult but it can create more of a “breather,” this panel may be removed when necessary but it will just be sewn into one side.

Widening the leg bottoms: 

  • Such as gussets you’ve read about above, addition of panels are always possible on the pant leg bottom. As for the sizing we are also able to add a zipper or snaps and material if there needs to be anything more than just a couple inches.

Overall redesign: If you have an idea to have the snow bib redesigned we’re always interested to see what you have to say! Whether it’s adding in new designs, mesh material for more air to resizing Cheung’s Tailor is here for all your winter repairs and alterations. For our portfolio please check out our Facebook page or email us at [email protected]