Welcome back to our second part of wedding dress alterations! Quick recap on the top 5 things brides have alterations done with their dress:

  1. Bust cups
  2. Waistline
  3. Hemming
  4. Straps
  5. Bustles

Now there are of course a lot more! From creative restyling to vintage looks on their dresses let us continue discussion on what else brides have performed on their wedding dresses.

  1. Professional Vintage Wedding Dress Alterations:  Many of our brides have loved the nostalgia wedding  dress look. But also want to have a part of the modernness added to the dress. This may be removing the sleeves, addition of sleeve, removal or addition of a bow, adding in layers or top layer.
  2. Custom Wedding Veils: Find something you absolutely love, but due to the cost or inability to find one? A professional tailor is able to create custom veils for your wedding. From long, short, styled pieces there are hundreds of styles out there.
  3. Creating Corsets or Resizing Wedding Dresses: Yes this happen. Many times there is nothing you can do to avoid it. It may be you purchased your dress early prior to the wedding and the fit is way to snug to breathe, you may be wearing an old vintage wedding dress from a family member, etc. Though it is a lot simpler to resize a wedding dress that is larger to smaller. But professional dressmakers are able to resize your bridal gowns. Depending on the style and how much needs to be let out on the wedding dress there are many ways to resize. One of the most popular being addition of a panel and corset on the wedding dress. This allows for an elegant style to the back. The addition of this is generally if there is a zipper in the midline section.
  4. Customized Wedding Dresses: Find something in a bridal magazine you absolutely love? Well the best wedding tailors near you can help. There may be some limitations due to proportionality of your wedding dress. But we agree that it may be adding things such as tulle to make your dress wider on the bottom for the ball gown wedding dress look.
  5. Wedding Dress Accessorizing: We are not talking about anything too over the top. But more so if you were looking at having a wedding belt with rhinestones placed in. Creating custom beadwork to be added to your wedding dress etc. Remember our rule of thumb ask questions!

There are so many amazing alterations that may be performed to your wedding dress. Find the right wedding dress tailors in your area or contact us for wedding dress consultations we are more than happy to help make your day extra special.